to all L.A. goddesses, what to wear clubbing?

  1. My friends invited me to LA for the 4th of July weekend and I was wondering what to wear while clubbing , because I really don't want to embarrass them ...
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated ladies because I'm not a club going person so I have absolutely no clue
  2. If you're unsure, it's always best to keep it simple and not go overboard or you could end up looking as if you tried too hard.

    You cant go wrong with a simple black skirt or black pants, heels and a top. If you wear a black top, maybe wear colored heels? Also, dont overexpose yourself - either show legs or cleavage but not too much of both :tup: (Although i realized recently I'm a cleavage whore, I own literally NO high cut tops! eek! :wtf:)
  3. oh youre gonna have sooo much fun!! which club are you going to? i recommend a bright colored dress since its summer and pumps or strappy sandals! wearing jeans would be too hot if youre gonna dance the night away in a crowded club. look hot and you might get in for free, even VIP passes and some comped drinks! ;)
  4. thanks ladies , I'll do my best to fins something to for the "look hot ,get free pass", I think I'll just have to start saving
  5. it depends on the place. a high-profile place, i would definitely say wear a dress and heels, barmen swoon over women in dvf dresses, trust me (I used to work at a hollywood watering hole.) :smile: sequin dresses are popular too. if you want to wear pants, try those new highwaisted widelegs with a belt and a crisp white shirt - its current, classic and not overdone. cobrasnake/cinespace kid? looks for something funky, but not over the top. american apparel dresses are really popular here too.

    honestly, a good pair of skinny jeans and heels and a nice top can get you far here, so just go out there and have fun!! have a great weekend - love it here, i'll be so sad when i move to nyc in august!!!

    i hope that helps!!!