To all Kelly 35 owners...

  1. I know there aren't many of you, but I would like your help: I'm waitlisted for a 35 Kelly in brown box souple due to arrive after the summer...The problem is that I've never seen a 35 actually worn, so I don't know the proportions.. I have 3 32 Kellys...Could someone post a pic of them wearing their 35, and maybe stating their height aswell (I'm 5'7). Sorry to be a nuissance, but it would really help me.. Thanks a lot girls!!
  2. I have a 35cm rigide Kelly, and I am 5'9". Proportions are perfect for me. Sorry no photo with me to post. But here's a photo of the bag.

    Congratulations on your new Kelly !

  3. Aww, I wish I could help but I'm only 5'1". I've tried Kelly 35's on and they look like briefcases on me!
  4. I'm 5'3" and I tried a 35 rigide. Like OTINGOCNI, it looked too large for my frame - more like a work bag. I could see it on a taller woman. :smile:
  5. I'm 5'1 and I actually love the size, but I'm also really curvy. I apologize for cropping my head out of the pic, but I'm not happy about looking at myself. LOL.
  6. That's a nice looking bag! Makes a stunning statement for sure....I'm 5'3" and anything over 32cm looks too large for me but at 5'7" (you lucky girl!) you should be able to pull a 35 off, Duna....
  7. I agree if you are taller it shoudn't be a problem - for me at 5'2" it would look big - sometimes I even think the 32s look large...but I like the room!
  8. Good thing you took it in souple. Rigide in 35cm is like a battering ram.
    I have one in black and like to carry it hanging down. It starts to look like and old lady bag if you carry if over your wrist. Good everyday bag as it holds quite a bit. You will really like it.

  9. omgoodness. You are a gorgeous curvy. You and your Kelly look fabulous together.

    I love the 35cm too, I'm 5'4", but a curvy plumpy :lol:
  10. i'm 5'2" and the 35 kelly looks fine on me.
  11. i'm 5'4 and the 35 kelly looks huge on me. but i'm also lithe build so 28s look perfect on me.
  12. I am a short one too and I feel I max at out a 32 Kelly
  13. ^ LOL - that's what my SA recommends for me as well - not to go bigger than 32.
    what's worse is that the fact i'm always wearing at least 3-4 in. heels.:lol:
  14. Like all bags, I think it's a matter of preference. I'm 5'2" and honestly, I feel the 32 a little small for me. I don't know why. I like bigger bags and would be very happy with a 35 for everyday use. But I still do love my 32!
  15. I bought my 35 Kelly in Feb., and I just got my 32. I feel the 32 is a little smaller than I'd like for everyday and holds much less than the 35 (although my 32 is a really gorgeous color and leather, so it's still a keeper:smile: ). I don't have pics of me with it, but I'm nearly 5'4", and though I'm not really thin, I'm pretty slender.