To all Europeans: Quilted WOC black in Caviar - a question

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  1. So, I'm trying to locate a quilted WOC in Caviar in black.

    So far I've phoned quite a few boutiques, no luck.

    Some of them have told me, that the quilted WOC in Caviar (calf skin) in BLACK is not a classis piece and only seasonal, so very hard to get.

    In this forum it seems like in the US this piece is easy to come by, so I'm asking if any of the fellow european members know, if this seasonal information is correct and I can look ahead for a long and tiring hunt?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. It's true, it is seasonal and it's hard to find. I was looking for it last year and no one had it in Europe. Same thing goes for the US although it's easier to find one over there because they have more Boutiques and department stores compared to Europe :smile:
  3. Did you gets yours? Where and when were you successful? :smile:
  4. I quit looking for it when I found the Brilliant WOC which stole my heart as soon as I saw it on this forum. My suggestion is to keep looking for it, don't know where you live but you can try to contact the Boutique in Venice, Italy and ask to speak to Francesca. She is really good at locating pretty much anything you need, she is amazing!! HTH :smile:
  5. yes it is quite hard to find this woc!
    and at the moment availability is better in the US, u could preorder.
    you also should be aware that there are two codes for caviar:

    A33814 Y01864 C3906 (rigid caviar)
    A33814 Y07738 C3906 (iridescent caviar accdg to a SA fr paris boutique)

    i cant confirm this as my order hasn't arrived yet.