to all damier lovers

  1. what damier pieces are in your collection? thanks!
  2. Lol..I love Damier but only have a couple pieces..the Speedy 30, 4 key holder and Azur pochette.
  3. I have Speedy 25, Duomo, and Saleya PM. Out of the three, I love my Saleya PM the most.
  4. Only Belem MM and Azur Speedy 25 :love:
  5. Sadly, only the Duomo. I would love to own more, though, especally a Keepall 45 or 50.
  6. geronimos
  7. as much as i adore it, i have put each damier piece i've picked out back down for a mono or glace piece. i might have to go ribera, duomo or that new big one with the opening like the josephine has. we'll see.
  8. damier saleya pm, damier uzes tote
    koala wallet, trousse makeup case and cles

    i want a belem pm and a SO cabas too, but for fall 2007
  9. speedy 30, cles and trousse.
  10. that uzes tote is fantastic! i saw it irl yesterday and i LOVE it!
  11. Just the Navona! My Mom has the Ravello GM
  12. Damier: S/O Speedy 25, Speedy 30, Porte Tresor Int'l wallet, 6 prong key-holder
  13. chealsea city bag
    koala wallet
    ipanema pm
  14. thanks hlfinn! i love the unique and not many have it. it is really comfortable and roomy too!
  15. A Damier pochette and a Damier Azur pochette