To all Chloe authentication experts, PLEASE HELP!!!

  1. I sold one of my Chloe bags that I bought from Aloha Rag back in December.

    This women asked to buy it one day before the end of my eBay auction directly through paypal. So I agreed!

    Once she paid I sent it emmediatley and then she said she needs to send pictures to ms. poupette to authenticate. She couldn't authenticate with the pictures so she had to send her the bag.

    today, a week and a half later she e-mail me saying ms. pouppett said it might not be authentic because the inside pocket is not stitched its glued. So she fedexed the bag back to me and is expecting a refund. I called ms.poupette herself and she verified the information.

    I called Chloe and they verified that Aloha Rag is an official reseller and they would not sell a fake bag.

    WHAT DO I DO?????
  2. Aloha Rag is a reputable and authorized Chloe dealer. Mypoupette people are reputable, true, but they are not authorized "authenticators". This means they are capable of human error. In fact, in the past there have been instances where they were incorrect. Remember, mypoupette reps are just that. They represent themselves. Not the makers, not the manufacturers.

    I fear that you might have been baited and switched. Make sure that the bag the buyer returns to you is the same exact one you sent. For future purposes you will want to attach some sort of tag on your bag stating, "this is an authentic Chloe bag sold by xyz. If you remove this tag you are accepting the bag as authentic and as-is." Then take a photo of the bag for insurance purposes.

    To be honest I wouldn't accept the bag back from the buyer. I hope she indeed sends back the original bag and it's just a misunderstanding and buyer paranoia. Then at least you have your original bag that you purchased and not some nasty fake the buyer is trying to pull on you.

    Let us know what happens! BTW, I think the ladies in the eBay Forum might be better able to help you since it's eBay related. Perhaps Jag will move this thread there.
  3. Thats what I am terrified of but I will check the bg before giving a refund and if I have the slightest doubt I will not refund!
  4. ugh--what a mess. I remember this bag and of course it was authentic!
  5. so what to do???
  6. Maybe I can just refuse the shipment!
  7. Does she have decent feedback on ebay? I know that i bought a bag on ebay recently that I am 99.9% sure is real but the .1% really drives you nuts. If her feedback doesn't give you indication to believe she has done this kind of thing before I would probably be inclined to at least get your bag back. I don't know how hard it is to file a claim with paypal/credit card company but it seems that enough people do it and win that I would be concerned that if you refuse shipment and she files the claim you might be out the money and your bag. I am so sorry you are going thru this right now!
  8. I think if ms. poupette did her job thoroughly she would not say maybe its not authentic.... she would say fake or not. plus we all know about the inconsistency of chloe QC. I'm sorry u are going through this!!
  9. Wow, that's a bummer --I might suggest you contact AR re: this issue. The reason I suggest this is that I purchased a brown Betty hobo during their sale, when I received it, the color looked a bit off and the leather seemed much lighter, but based on their reputation, I didn't question the bag's authenticity. After carrying the bag for a couple of days, I noticed the bottom was coming apart, (it appeared to be glued), so I immediately contacted AR. They asked me to send pics, which I did, and they agreed I could return the bag (it was a final sale). Of course, they had sold out of the bag I had, so they refunded my money- I was very impressed with their responsiveness. Where I'm going with all this, is that I had a defective bag, nowhere close to the quality of my other Betty's. Maybe there was a similiar issue with the bag you sold. Assuming you get back your bag (no bait and switch), I would contact AR with pics of the area that looks glued, maybe it's a quality issue?? Just a thought.
  10. She has 100% feedback! But how do I know I am getting the original bag back?
  11. So I got my bag and it is mine.

    So I looked and the seem is glued but then it is stitched.
  12. Well at least it is your bag. I am sorry the buyer put you through that. Your bag was clearly authentic from the auction pics.

    Rest assured that buyer will have Bad Bag Karma for a while :blah:
  13. Ok, this turned out to be such a mess becuase she e-mail me back saying she just didn't wanna play games anymore and that she just didn't want the bag. then she threatened to do a credit card charge back.

    I have proved in so many ways that my bag was authentic.

    So this is what I think happened. She saw the bag when she got it and didn't like it so she's been trying to find ways to return it. Now that I proved her wrong she still wants to return it.

    Oh Well!
  14. Some people have no concept of "binding transaction" :ninja:
  15. No she doesn't she just didn't like it and wants to get out in anyway.....

    This is the picture of the serial tag and the stitching.....
    bag 047.jpg bag 048.jpg