To all chanel wallet owners.. Please take a look.

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  1. Would you live with this on your wallet's zipper?

    I'm just so sick of making multiple trips down to the boutique whenever I purchase/receive an item from Chanel. Sigh. :Pullhair::storm:

    The imperfect side (Stitching on right side of the zipper)


    The perfect side

  2. I would not be pleased with that. It would bother me. If you don't live too far from the store I would go to the boutique and return.
  3. I don't think that's a probably... They have to finish off the stitching somewhere...
  4. I have a prada wallet and its zipper isn't like this at all even though they have to finish the stitching somewhere as well..
  5. umm... in that case if you can't stop looking at it, then go and exchange. But I personally wouldnt be bothered by it. Good Luck!
  6. Thats a hard one, I would definitely take it to chanel and compare, if there is a better one, exchange. If they are all the same then i think it is ok. It's sort of one of those things that would bother me if i knew others were made better, but if it was meant to be that way then totally fine with it LOL

  7. Me neither.
    It obviously bothers you. . . just go back.
  8. That would bother me. Everyone is differant when it comes to these imperfections. I would try to exchange it. Good luck dear.
  9. I agree. It wouldn't bother me and I am thinking there is a good chance I wouldn't have even noticed it if the wallet were mine.

    But, what I have learned after a few years here is everyone is different with what bothers them and what doesn't. Whether it would bother me or another tpfer doesn't really matter because you have to live with it.

    I think it does bother you and will continue to bother you. Will you think about it every time you pick the wallet up? If so, take it back so you can be happy every time you hold your wallet-- for what we pay for Chanel you should be happy!
  10. It would bother me. Exchange it. For the price we pay for Chanel it should be perfect.
  11. Yes, it bothers me every time I pick this baby up. I guess it is true that everyone has a differing tolerance level on imperfections. I doubt I can live with this flaw on any of my new Chanel purchases. I have other wallets from Prada and none of their stitching is like this.

    I will try to have it exchanged, otherwise I will go for another wallet.
  12. That is exactly my thoughts.

  13. :yes: Yes, we all have our personal threshold.
    I was just saying since it bothers you enough to post a thread, I don't think it's something you'll get over. Best to exchange it. . . considering it's unused.{?}
  14. +1
    And to add on, your post made me check my zipper and both sides are perfect. This is not something that I would normally notice or check, but knowing what I know now I would change for a new one if it's available. If it's the last piece, I'll live with it
  15. #15 Apr 26, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2014
    I would bring it back. They have to finish the stitch somewhere but it shouldn't be that obvious... There's definitely ways to make it look cleaner and since it's the zipper pull, it looks like it would unravel over time and the last thing you want is a stitch hanging off of it a few months from now...