To all box owners and lovers

  1. Hi gals i need your precious help.
    I've found this girl who is going to sell her box. I like the style and the colour, but i know is a discontinued style, so i would like to know how much should be a good price for this style. The bag is near to be in new conditions, do you think a price around 700$ should be a good deal?
  2. Retail on the box was $985. It really depends on the color and condition of the bag and the current demand. Some bags that are no longer around could get more than retail if they are in demand. I think $700 would be a good deal for YOU. Maybe not so much for her.
  3. Thank you so much Allisonfaye.
    The bag is like new (i've seen pics) she said she have used it only few times and i trust her cause is known from some friends of mine.
  4. If it's in good condition that sounds good
  5. I agree
  6. Yeah, it sounds like a great deal for you. What color is it?