To agenda or not to agenda?

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  1. I use a planner daily and it would be so fabulous to use a Louis agenda. I like the Koala's and the vernis. I use my agenda monday till friday i use it for school and for personal meetings. I carry a notebook with me and that mught hurt vernis. What do you guys think? I love the vernis but it need someting that survives

    p.s. Agenda owner, if you are bored could you meassure the distance between the lines on the paper of the week/2 pages or 1day on page paper. I heard about a weakly and yearly planner someweare does anybody have pictures of it?

  2. Totally worth it! I have an Indigo Vernis and have had other vernis agenda's before this one. They hold up really well in the darker colors and looks so fab coming out of your bag!!
  3. ^^ ITA! Mine vernis agenda is in my college messenger all the time with folders, lunch boxes, spirals whatever and it's held up perfectly!
  4. agenda! i think they are so cute and they help organize your life!
  5. I love koala's too, eventhough I have 3 or 4 vernis... the rose koala is adorable!
  6. I've had a red vernis agenda for 3 years and use it daily. It still looks like new and I don't baby it. Gets thrown in my bag, with my books, on my floor - wherever I need it. Funny, it's the piece I've least babied and it looks the best. Go figure :shrugs:
  7. yep. People drop dead when I pull out that Indigo agenda....:p :yes:
  8. I have the plum Suhali (:love:) and I had never used an agenda before this I can't go without it lol.
  9. I'd say get it! I just got a pom vernis agenda. I figured since I also use an agenda daily I minus well get a really cute LV one. I still keep mine in the dustbag in my bag though lol.
  10. Go for a Koala Agenda!! They're cute!
  11. I actually love to use the pm's as wallets now, I have a few actual LV wallets but I find myself using the pm agendas more, they are a similar size as a regular wallet and I fill them with filofax inserts, I love it and now I always have a pen and paper on me along with plenty of room to keep everything. I think they're great for use as just an agenda too though. My medium agenda is what I use for work....... I'm using a white suhali pm for my wallet right now with the matching cles, I really like it!
  12. 100% worth it!:yes: I:heart:mine!
  13. I like the agendas.
  14. my agenda is one of my favorite lv items.
  15. Go for an Agenda! Be daring... Go for vernis-it's lovely!