To add or not to add? Your personal initials to all your H bags?

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  1. This got me thinking.I got the call today to come & pick up my so missed 30cm etoupe birkin that had been sent away to get my initials placed inside the front strap.It accidentally got stamped in the wrong place so it was sent back out & tomorrow I'll pick her up from her 2nd trip back.I love the thought of having my initials in my bag it seems so personal & I hope to have it for always.Now I was thinking about maybe having it done to all my bags,or not?Having your bag or bags would you initial all your bags or just one or none?Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  2. I'd love to initial my bag, I think it makes it much more personal and special.
  3. what a neat idea! I had no idea they did that!
  4. Nice idea! I have seen bolides and kellys initialed, but not a birkin.
  5. love the idea!
  6. I think Crosseist (spelling)had her black birkin done with her intials, it does look lovely, I think hers was gold intials.
    You can also put it on the birkin straps on the inside.
  7. Just thought I'd add that this is in reference not only to birkins but indeed the kelly,bolide,garden party,evelyne,ect...
  8. I think it's a good idea, I would probably like to do that with a few of my favorite bags but not all of them.
  9. Oh I think MaiTai (is that you MaiTai?) have it initialed on her kelly... I remember being VERY nice... Kinda made me want to do it too...
  10. MaiTai had her Kelly stamped with her initials. Look for that thread.

    I'm open to the idea of having my first H bag stamped. But if I had a lot, I won't do it to all.

    EDIT: Haha. xiaoxiao, we had the same thought.
  11. MAYBE one or two special bags. But not all of them.
  12. I wouldn't do it because it might lower the resale value of the bag if (God forbid) I have a reversal of fortune and would be forced to sell the bag. On the other hand, a celebrity's initials might increase the value of a bag.

  13. OMG we are TOTALLY on the same wavelength! :okay:
  14. Probably would, as my small haul, current and future are for keeps and DD! :buttercup:
  15. If I had a Bolide I would. I just think it looks fantastic on the Bolide!
    For my three bags I haven't. I love them just as they are. I'm the same with my Goyard stuff. I've never had it painted because I love it as it is. :amuse:

    But I love seeing other people's personalized bags! :woohoo: