TNT's Private Lives of Nashville Wives

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  1. so ... who is going to watch? i'm going to give it a shot, just because i still love to look at the clothes, shoes, homes, cars and of course, bags of the women on these types of shows. i hope it isn't trashy (a la Basketball Wives) or become a fight every week for ratings (a la Bravo's shows).

    *MODS - i did a search and didn't find a thread for this show but if i missed it please delete my thread.
  2. I can't wait to watch this, I love Nashville and I expect this to be trashy
  3. i missed it, i fell asleep. but the blogger who writes the RealityTV column loved it, said it wasn't crazy or trashy so i'm going to give it a go when i can catch it on a re-run.
  4. The twins look very familiar.
  5. It really should be called the Real Housewives of Nashville, but since Bravo and Andy Cohen wasn't involved, they chose Private Lives of Nashville Wives.

    I watched the first episode and enjoyed it very much. I'm a Tennessee native, born and raised, so this is interesting for me. The only thing that puzzled me was that I've been to Nashville dozens of times, during the day, during the evening, during the week and on the weekends and I cannot recall ever seeing folks walking down Broadway carrying guitars, lugging amplifiers or singing on street corners. Maybe I just missed them or didn't pay any attention, but oh well.
  6. I'm looking forward to watching this show, it does air here until tomorrow

    I hope it has less manufactured drama than the Real Housewives shows
  7. I dvr'd it. I'll report back later... Heard good things though!
  8. Anyone else still watching this? Episode 4 is tonight. Seems to be quite interesting, Erika is a very high maintenance diva based on the photo shoot she did and the singer and her songwriter husband are very hard to read -- it hasn't put me to sleep or made me change channels.