TNT to remake DALLAS

  1. ITA along with competition shows (America's Next Top....whatever) and dating shows (Bachelor/Bachelorette). I'm ready for a good, juicy night-time soap!!!
  2. Jesse Metcalf who plays "Christopher" was on DH as Gabrielle's yard guy turned lover in the earlier seasons. He looks better with age I think.

    How is it that this is Bobby's third wife? I wonder if Pam is supposed to have died and Bobby took a second wife who maybe divorced so he ended up with a third? Maybe Victoria Principal didn't want to do any cameo's? SO many questions! So many opportunities for future episode drama! :roflmfao:
  3. I used to have a snippet of this as my ringer. May have to do it again.

    I must say, I am so very happy that this show was revamped because Larry Hagman has literally been dressing as JR for the past 20 yrs anyway. LOL
  4. Bobby married Pam, then he married April Stevens, who was killed.
  5. It was too long ago for me to remember, was this in the original series? What happened to Pam...I thought it ended with them still married? And who played April? :thinking:
  6. Pam had a wreck driving home from the OB/GYN to tell Bobby that she could have a baby, she was driving Bobby's red Mercedes and hit an fuel truck sending the car into a fireball. However, she wasn't killed, but was burned very badly. She left the hospital after they removed the bandages on her face, gave Bobby the rights to her shares on her oil company and divorced him.

    A couple of years later, Bobby married April Stevens and while they were in Vienna (or someplace), she was shot and killed.

    Sheree J. Wilson (Walker Texas Ranger) played April.
  7. Thanks! Wow, wonder how I missed that! I must be getting old! :p
  8. Thanks Tropigal, I remember Jesse Metcalf from DH...he made too much of an impression not to :smile: However, I heard the actor who plays John Ross is also a DH alumni....maybe he played a minor role because I don't remember him on there.

    I cannot believe I am as excited as I am about this being back!!

  9. Josh Henderson played Austin, Edie's nephew. He dated Julie and is the father of Danielle's baby.
  10. wow....I only just found out Dallas is back! Love it...the theme music gave me chills.
  11. Oh yes, yes, yes, I remember him now! Thanks for refreshing my memory

    Me too, I almost started cheering when it came on!
  12. I recorded this on my DVR and finally got to see it last night, I loved every second. I didn't watch the original (too young) but my parents did and I remember the theme song. Bobby is my favorite and it was heart breaking to see him clenching his fists when he would have stomach pains.
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    Yes!! When the opening song played I got so giddy, lol!! I was a pre-teen when Dallas aired in the late seventies. So glad to see it make a comeback, I really miss TV shows like this. And BTW I enjoyed it!
  14. I seriously cannot get over how much Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman resemble each other. HOLY great casting. But the brows...they are the STAR of this show ;)

    I really liked it. I watched parts of the original Dallas when my folks watched it. I was SO GLAD they kept the same intro!

    I guess we're going to see what's really going on with Chris's new wife, and her creepy brother.