TNT to remake DALLAS

  1. YAY! I can't wait to see this!!! Finally, a remake done right (with old and new characters interacting together - and not just the old characters making a cameo).

    This will be my summer addiction on Wednesdays!
  2. Remakes work when core characters are brought into them.
  3. I hope it's just as exciting as the old one was. :crossing fingers:
  4. I'm watching! I never watched the original (a bit before my time) and put it in my Netflix que. Too bad I haven't gotten to it yet
  5. It's good so far! Jesse Metcalf is adorable.
  6. Hmm...a couple of Desperate Housewife alumnae.
  7. I'm watching.
  8. Larry Hagman seriously needs an eyebrow trim.
  9. I don't know. Seems like it might be just like the bad cousin, one nice cousin. It would be nice if they could do something a little more original.
  10. those eyebrows :throwup:
  11. They don't look like devil's horns for nothin'...
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    i watched the original sporadically ... it was on Friday nights and i was in High School and then college. i remember the whole "who shot JR?" thing ... it was big! they lost me when they killed off Bobby for a season then brought him back, presented as the whole season he was dead was just a dream. i don't remember if was Bobby's dream or Pam's dream, think it was Pam. by then the show had jumped the shark and got desperate for me. i watched Knot's Landing a lot more because it was on Thursday nights (i think).

    i found the new show entertaining.
  13. This new show is GOOD!
  14. i like the bad cousin
  15. I love it! JR hasn't changed one iota and John Ross is just like him!