TMOBILE: Sidekick III VS Blackberry Pearl

  1. I've been a loyal Sidekick phone user since the first Sidekick came out for Tmobile. But I'm not impressed with the SK3 (the latest phone). First of all it's not much different than the SK2, just smaller and a couple more features. I've had echoing problems with my SK3 and I know other users have had the same problem an Tmobile cannot do anything about it. I also have had bad reception in my own house?! I love the SK3 because it's so easy to text (I'm a texting fanatic) and I use the e-mail and AIM all the time. I also use the alarm feature and events calendar.

    Anyone have a Blackberry Pearl? How is the phone? Should I stick it out with my SK3 and hope Tmobile updates the problem? Can anyone compare the 2 phones? :confused1:
  2. I've heard good things about the Blackberry Pearl, but the texting isn't as easy on that style (not only is it a vertial design, but it doesn't have individual keys for each letter...I think). Perhaps the MDA would be a nice choice??
  3. Hey, not too familiar with the SK3, but as Charles touched upon, the Blackberry doesn't have an individual key for each letter, and if you are a texting fanatic that's used to the full QWERTY key layout of the SK3, it might be hard for you to adjust.
  4. I am planning on replacing my Juicy Sidekick II with a Blackberry Pearl :smile:

    I have heard great things!
  5. I love my Pearl - it is hard to get used to the keys though. But I manage!
  6. Love, love, love my Pearl.
  7. LOVE my PEARL!!! keys r a bit small...but the messaging n email r sooooo FAST!!! n it has features that r not standard in the older generrations of BB.
  8. Love my sidekick III, my brother in law who has the pearl, tested my SK3 at Christmas is changin over now.
  9. Thanks for the input, yes I saw that the Blackberry doesn't have a keyboard style key-pad. I don't know if I could deal with that, lol! The BB just looks so cute, haha. I'll have to drop into Tmobile one day and compare both phones.
  10. While your'e there, look at the MDA and the Dash...and hell, maybe even the Treo. ;)
  11. I have the SK3 AND LOVE IT. DH has the pearl and I have tried to use it and I HATE IT. I text and e-mail alot though and the SK3 is much more user friendly for that. My DH even wants to change his phone already even after only having it a couple weeks!
  12. My DH and I both purchased out SK3 together and he ended up keeping his and I returned mine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the SK3 but I just dont email and text that much anymore. But you should definently think about sticking with the SK3..I tried the pearl and even the salesperson couldnt figure out how to press a letter (there's 2 per button)..complicated.. :smile:
  13. Love my Pearl!!! :heart:
  14. I have a sk3 and I'm debating whether I should buy a Blackberry (not because of any real differences, but more for aesthetic differences). There is really, no difference between the sk3 and the blackberry except for: 1) color, 2) shape, 3) blackberry plan is more expensive than the sidekick plan.
  15. I love, love, LOVE my Pearl. Texting is easy because their predictive software is so good - actually it's kinda creepy the way it knows what I'm going to type before I finish the word! It literally took me about 5 minutes to get used to it. I write a lot of emails on it, so it would annoy the heck out of me if it didn't work well - but it does.

    I love that I can get my internet email on it - Gmail even has its own mini application developed just for the Pearl. I looked at the Sidekick, but the Pearl is much smaller and lighter. Have I mentioned that I :heart: my Pearl? :yes: My only complaint is that they don't make it in pink!