TMI question - did your period radically change after kids?

  1. Here I am 38 years old and done having kids. I had a son when I was 26 and another son when I was 35. When my periods started when I was almost 15 years old they lasted a full week. Day one was weak, day two and three were moderate and days four through 7 were light with the last day being just spotting. Some months I had KILLER cramps.

    Then, I had my son. still had a similar pattern, but now they were 4-5 days long with day two being significantly heavier. ALSO I had very few cramps and not severe.

    Then... I had my last son. Now my periods are never longer than 4 days and on day 2 I feel like the Super Plus size tampon is tiny! The flow is SOOOO heavy.

    But, is this because of having kids? or just age? My Mom had four c-sections and she said she had the same thing, so it can't be because of my cervix being more "open"...

    Why do you think that is?
  2. Could be lots of things. Periods change - sometimes drastically - after childbirth(s). Got that confirmation from my OB/GYN. If you are experiencing big changes in FLOW heaviness and/or pain/cramping or feeling like there is unusual pressure in your abdominal area, it's worth a chat with your OB/GYN or midwife. Lots of women have fibroids, which are benign tumors that can, among other things, reek havoc on your periods. Actually most women have these and don't even know it because they have no symptoms. It's only when there are symptoms that it's worth looking for... Fibroids can show a hereditary pattern, too... Worth a chat at your next check-up, or a phone call if that's a long way off. Good luck!
  3. It might be fibroids if you are bleeding very heavily during some days of your period.
  4. Thanks guys, but I don't think I have fibroids as my periods have gotten shorter, not longer and whereas they were painful as a teen/pre babies, I have no discomfort now. Overall I think I lose the same amount of blood, but it just "empties" faster now than before.

    I also don't have other things that are symptoms - feeling of fullness in abdomen, painful intercourse, and infertility.
  5. I have experienced this. Before childbirth, my periods were long and heavy and the cramps would wake me out of a dead sleep with tears in my eyes, no lie!! After I had my kids (one right after the other) it was shorter and less heavy and no cramps at all. I've read that the uterus gets so stretched out during childbirth that when it returns to it's regular size the cramps really don't compare to the "contractions" of labor so we really don't feel the cramps so much anymore. Of course, this could be different in different women.
  6. OK; sorry - I went right to the 'heavier flow' part and wanted to bring up the fibroid thing since that's pretty easily diagnosed and can be treated. As for shorter periods, even only after 1 baby, mine are definitely shorter and have really only 1-1.5 days of 'big' flow, fwiw.'re not alone on that part.
    good luck!
  7. Could be your thyroid, could be your hormones are shifting, you could be entering early menapause. I had my last child at 43 (he is now 18 months). My periods JUST started getting normal again about 3 months ago. I do have a thyroid problem, so my meds have to be checked (and they were fine), do my ob/gyn chalked it up to hormones. The older you are having kids, the longer it takes for them to get back to normal. This may be your new "normal" cycle. HTH.
  8. What the heck?!? Am I the only one that got screwed on this whole post-baby period thing? I'm 25 and breastfeed my baby, so I went into this thinking "great, at least another year without a period." WRONG! I got my period back 2 months after giving birth. My midwife was puzzled, but confirmed that it was in fact a period, and said that I must have a determined reproductive system! Not only that, but pre-baby it was about 5-7 days long (1-2 days heavy flow, then gradually stopping without spotting) and no cramps. Now I have crazy PMS (DH says I can get really *****y and mean) horrible cramps during the first 2 days, and usually only one heavy day, but 7-10 light days. I usually only get 10 "normal" days now. :crybaby:
  9. I am just adding that my OBGYN told me that after giving birth many women have drastically less cramps. I am looking forward to that!
  10. Unfortunately my periods changed for the worst after having children but it had more to do with severe Endometriosis than anything else. I always had periods that went for 10 days each month before and after children with a period of 5 - 7 days spotting mid cycle.

    Sorry to say too Megs the cramping wasn't any better either.