TMI? is this normal? early 1st trimester: orgasm in dream followed by cramps

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  1. Hi all,
    I found out very recently that I'm pregnant with my first - I'm 5.5 weeks along, due in March 2017! My husband and I are both very excited. As far as I know everything is going as fine as it can be this early; my first prenatal appointment with a new OB isn't until Aug. 19 (9.5 weeks), so unfortunately I have a while to wait before I get any more info from a doctor.

    I've had sexy dreams leading to sleep orgasms before - normally this is an enjoyable occurrence and I think nothing of it. Last night around 2:30 am I was apparently having a sexy dream and woke up in the middle of an orgasm, and I immediately felt cramps much like my normal menstrual cramps (maybe a bit stronger, but no bleeding or spotting) and a need to go to the bathroom (#2). I also felt extremely nauseous and clammy but did not vomit. After about 10-15 mins of this and a BM later, all of these feelings (the cramps, nausea) started to dissipate and I was able to go back to bed. I feel pretty much normal this morning, maybe with a faint echo of the cramps but they are extremely mild and easy to ignore. Still no bleeding or spotting.

    Now my husband, who is a family physician, seemed to think there could be no connection between a dream orgasm and uterine cramps, but after doing some serious googling this morning, it sounds like this experience is fairly common for ladies at my stage of pregnancy. Perhaps during orgasm uterine muscles cramp more noticeably/strongly during pregnancy, leading to the crampy feeling? I'm also wondering if the nausea wasn't some combination of legit pregnancy nausea and my assumption that cramps meant impending miscarriage, which made me very scared (and being scared like that has led to similar nausea feelings before, before pregnancy).

    The bottom line is: have any of you TPFers had a similar experience, leading to a successful delivery of a healthy little one? I'd love to hear any stories you have - please tell me this is normal and the dream-orgasm-cramps are nothing to worry about.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts and thanks for reading my TMI story if you got this far :smile:
  2. Not with the dream, but yes, with both my pregnancies I'd have some cramping and even some spotting sometimes. I passed a big blood clot w/ my single baby in 1st trimester once and I was so upset I thought I'd miscarried.

    When is your next appt?
  3. My next appointment is August 19, so still several weeks away. It'll be my first appointment with a new OB, so I feel like I don't even have somebody I could really ask about this yet, hence my TMI post on TPF :smile:

    I'm surprised my husband, being a family doc, doesn't think there could be a connection between the O and the cramps. We've agreed that if the cramps happen again I'll call somebody about trying to get an early ultrasound to rule out an ectopic, but since it happened in my sleep and I had no control, I suspect it will happen again. We'll see I guess.

  4. Having birthed 3 kids and having orgasms pregnant, IMO they are likely connected, lol I'm not an OB so it's just my personal opinion of course ;)
    I'm sure you're fine. But seems like everything I did could cause cramping. Walking, not enough water, sex, etc. . .
  5. Thank you so good to hear from somebody experienced. I agree with you, I would be shocked if the two weren't connected. I know my DH is a good doctor, but I know lady bits aren't really his thing...oh well, I guess one can't be a specialist in everything!
  6. Sorry I'm late but wanted to add, I'm sure you can call the new dr and they usually have a nurse to answer questions. Then the dr can have you come in if they'd like to!
  7. Something similar happened to me when I was in early pregnancy. I never asked my doctor if there was a connection but I know some people in my due date group also had similar experiences too.
  8. Thanks so much Megs!! So far this hasn't been a recurring thing (fingers crossed), but if it happens again before my first appointment I might just call and see if there's someone I can talk to. Luckily aside from some fatigue and nausea starting over the last few days, I've been feeling pretty decent. First appointment now 2.5 weeks away...

    Congrats on your impending little one, and thanks for sharing your journey with the TPF community! As another first-timer it is refreshing and helpful to hear another's story. Thank you!
  9. Thank you so much for sharing - glad to know I'm not alone. It's amazing the things that many of us experience that don't make it into the official books/websites/other info sources...