TME versus WTM in choco crash?? Pros/cons

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  1. Okay, to avoid more agonizing and taking up this forum with my neurosis, I need final thoughts about TME vs WTM in choco crash.

    I'm about to bite the bullet and am now deciding between the WTM and TME in choco crash. Several pluses about the TME is that it holds more (I think??) and I could avoid the individual bespoke fee if I order it off the BE site, and that I can return it to BE if I don't like it. I do better with flat straps vs rolled generally, and although the rolled shoulder straps will be tougher for me versus the flat ones, I can use the messenger strap when I wear my slippery down coat.

    On the other hand, I know that the WTM is a popular style and I'd be able to sell it if I didn't LOVE it.
    TMEchococrash.jpg BrownWTM.jpg WTMmidichococrashWorn.jpg
  2. Here's a fab pic (like all of Bali's pics) of her new gorgy TME midi in choco crash:

    There is something about the simplicity of the choco crash TME that is appealing to me...
  3. Jenny, I don't own any bags in crash leathers, but at one point I was debating on this and the WTM was what I'd have chosen. I love, love the TME, but in a different leather.
  4. I am thinking about getting the TME in the chocolate crash too! I prefer the TME in the chocolate crash since the bag is more simple. The crash leather is a little on the bling-bling side for me, so I like it in a simpler bag.
  5. Both look great in the choco crash. The choco crash is not really bling bling to me. I just got the black crash TME midi and absolutely love it! Even more than the petrol TME!

    Since you want a larger bag, I would say the WTM. My midi TME seems quite a bit smaller than the WTM regular. The regular TME is about an inch larger in each direction which doesn't seem that much larger to me.

    Either way you will love the bag!
  6. I prefer the functionality of the TME, but I prefer the WTM in chocolate crash. Make sense? So, if color is flexible, go with the TME in a different color. But, if you are set on the color and just trying to choose a style to go with it, then go with the WTM.
  7. I think the WTM is an edgier style I have one and it is my favourite BE bag you can wear it lots of ways but I wear it mainly messanger strap. The TME is very nice but a little conservative so it depends which look you prefer.
  8. Jenny,

    I was making this exact same decision about a week ago with the WTM and the TME, plum or chocolate crash.

    I decided on the plum crash in the TME. Here is why I made that choice.

    I was advised by a friend that the style of the WTM would have me stacking things on top of each other, since it is a taller bag, where the TME would allow me to just put all of my things into the bag....toss them in if you will. I am using this bag as a quasi diaper bag as well as a hand bag, so I need room for all of my things. The WTM is gorgeous and I prefer the look of it, but it is a slimmer bag, so I had to go with function (for now).

    As far as the leather....I wanted both, I chose the plum since it is not going to be readily available soon. I love the chocolate crash so I got an AP in that. I would definitely get a bag in the chocolate since it is absolutely beautiful!!!
  9. I have now been in close contact with WTM in the two sizes and the TME large.:graucho:

    I think the WTM is more versatile than the TME-it looks better carried messenger style , has a single strap as a shoulder strap and the crash leather suits this style a lot!!
    It is no secret I think the WTM one of the best designs from Jackie's workshop till now.

    But why don't you order a TME from the site, see what it does to you-and then decide??
  10. Thanks so much, circoit, rosie, bonnie, bali_girl (thanks for EVERYTHING), sandy, charmed, iluv!!!
    You guys are awesome, particularly those who have posted several times in my various threads; you guys are the BEST!!!!!!

    I've decided on the WTM (full-size) in choco crash! I really appreciate all your advice and time. I'm not interested in a conservative bag, and want a bag that will showcase the choco crash leather,and so am excited to try the WTM.

    I also really appreciate all your patience with me and my s-l-o-w move toward a final decision. I'm putting in my desposit today!!

    Okay, gold or silver hardware??? (I'm a diehard silver girl, but the hardware on the WTM seems pretty small and spread out) Would the silver detract from the leather and would the gold enhance it????
  11. I am so glad that you chose the WTM!!

    I think this bag looks deeper brown with the silver. With the gold it will be a bit bronzier. Since the hardware is smaller than on the Love Me I think it would look wonderful in gold.

    But, if you wear silver jewelry mostly silver is probably the way to go!
  12. There is some studded detail on the Whisper To Me. I always prefer studs in silver, so I vote for the silver.
  13. I can't wait to see modeling pics of this bag! It sounds like it will be stunning.
  14. I concur 100%.

    Jenny, Are you bespoking this bag? It doesn't seem to be available as a stock item anymore.