TMA-anyone have pix of the inside?

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  1. I hate dividers, and I actually didn't know the TMA had one until recently. So, when I saw it and saw it had snaps for removal, I took it out, marveled at what a lovely pouch it was, and that was that! So, it works well removing it!! :tup:

    The divider pouch didn't go all the way down and attach to the bottom of the bag, just to the sides. Here are some more low-quality pics! (but a high quality bag!!!)

  2. Ummm...contessa.....where are the pix....don't tease us like that!!!
  3. LOL....ok.....lemme re-size them......need a drink first. ;)
  4. I think I'll be happy with the divider gone. I'm not sure! But I believe the tan TMAs are already produced so I'm not sure that I could request anything different. I kind of like the divider because it keeps it from being so sack like! Then again, I use lots of pouches to stow all my stuff in so I may not even miss the divider!
  5. HA....OK, I need a drink while waiting!!!!
  6. you go!

    I haven't worn this bag yet, but it is LUSCIOUS!!! The leather is deelish......and I didn't think I liked the gold hw, but I do! This bag is perfect for romantic weekend getaways......or with the family.

    Gotta tell ya though......looking at it, the smell, the silkiness of this leather......I'd wear it everyday! It's such a gorgeous bag.

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  7. Contessa, that is AMAZING!!! And you do much better justice to the gorgeous removable divider pouch. Sensational bag!!! Ooh, and I love the gold hardware, it really provides gorgeous accents on the light gray!!
  8. Contessa-you are nothing but pure evil taunting me with those pix of that Absolutely gorgeous bag! I love how the lining just pops against the gray. Oh I feel faint! Must be that drink! (cr*p I really did NOT want to find by next bag so soon).
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    Mine, which came in December, does but it sometimes unpops itself during use so I would prefer the new pocket in the back of the bag that Jackie describes.
  10. Jenova, I read your post about this and asked for the divider-less option. I love how this forum helps us make informed decisions about our purchases.

    I also have a love/hate relationship with how I get tempted to buy stuff after seeing all your gorgeous choices. I had to get a turquise glossy AP after reading the thread...despite the scuffing issue. That colour is too luscious to resist!:drool::drool:
  11. If I were you, I would polish the AP with a good beeswax based bag creme as soon as you get it. It may have less of a glassy shine after you have done that but you might help to protect it from the scuffing. I have just given my purse 2 coats. I haven't got rid of the marks completely because the surface glaze has gone from those areas but I think I might have made it a bit more resistant. (I think it may have been the zips of other purses and wallets that made the marks but I hate using bag organizers so won't be taking that routel)