TMA-anyone have pix of the inside?

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  1. I sit, waiting anxid waiting and waiting for my bags to arrive and I have NO choice but to plan my next bag. Based on what I have coming to me, I think the logical decision would be to get a TMA.

    I would love to see pix of the inside if anyone has them. Also, does anyone have pix of the midi???

    I was thinking tan....but OMG....what about makes me crazy to think about it!!!!
  2. Hi, Vix! Do you mean the Take Me Anywhere with the 2 pockets on the front? If so, I don't believe there's a midi yet but I'm waiting patiently for one! LOL! Here's a modeling pic of a TMA in mottled silver:


    If that's the one you mean then I can take a pic of the inside for you. It has a center zippered compartment, 2 patch pockets and one smaller zippered pocket in the lining of the bag. Let me know and I'll get a pic of it! If you mean the TME, I have a pic of the inside of the midi of that one as well.
  3. Yup TL...that's the one. I saw that lovebags2 had placed an order for a TMA midi but I didn't know if these had ever been made before. So.....maybe it is new for the spring. I would love pix of the inside of your bag. It looks stinkin' huge, which I love, and I think I am going to either copy you in getting the tan or go bold and do yellow for the summer!!!
  4. I hope there's a midi because quite a few of us want one!! LOL!! It is big but it doesn't feel big at all. It is so slouchy and light weight that it's not hard to carry at all. I don't fill it up either though. Here's the inside:


    I am very happy with this style! Which is why I ordered a tan TMA!!
  5. Thanks it's just like the inside of the LM....wonder if the new TMAs will have are removable center pocket.
  6. Here's a stock pic of tan too! I love the look of this bag! To see more pics of you just do a search and you can find lots of great pics!

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  7. That I'm not sure of. I considered asking about that but it is very floppy because it isn't a super structured bag and it's very large so I thought it might make it too unstable and a pain to deal with. I like the center zip pocket a lot because I can put things in it that I want a bit more secure. It never hurts to ask though if that's what you'd like! It is very much like a big sack but I love it!
  8. I have a MINT TMA in light grey sheen which is gorgeous. But I see TL has beat me with the pics!

    This is a gorgeous handbag. Mine seems smaller in size....maybe it's the leather, but it looks amazing on the shoulder.
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    light gray, swoon! (at first I thought you meant a mint green color!!)

    YES, y'all!! The divider pocket thing IS removable. It's a gorgeous zipper pouch, what a bonus!!

    I ordered my tma with bespoke bliss and got it right before Christmas.

    eta: a picture! a terrible, washed out picture from my phone, but the pouch is lying on top of a black canvas Dell laptop briefcase to give you some context!

  10. Hi! I've recently ordered a TMA from Jackie and asked about the divider thingy.

    My older (first generation) white one has the middle zippered compartment and then I read about a removable one with snap buttons so I emailed Jackie and asked about it, below is her reply.

    Actually the new TMA doesn’t have a middle partition because I found at least on mine that it just sagged. So now it has a back pocket all along the back side. Do you want the original construction? If so just specify that on your order.

    I ordered an indiv bespoke in aubergine so I had the option of specifying exactly what I wanted but I get the impression that the newer stock ones will have a long pocket along the back.
  11. Morebags, thanks for that info! I didn't even ask because the center compartment doesn't bother me.

    Euridice, how well does the removable compartment work? I'm not sure what I want actually! I'm not 100% sure if I want the TMA without the compartment Hmmm... I have to think about this now!! LOL!
  12. Thanks ladies...that is helpful!!! total newb question....what was the bespoke bliss??? I keep seeing that but don't know what this great event was that I missed out on!!!
  13. Well, at some point in the fall, BE announced that customers could order whatever bespoke order they wanted without having to pay the extra 20% fee. So, it was a great chance to order bags that were older styles or just bags that people had missed out on. I got a glossy purple SMM and a dark gray TMA, for example!
  14.!!!! The newbie special was a great deal too!!!! Does Jackie have sales often???

    If the bag I want is not in stock, and I order it by bespoke individually, she charges 20% more for the bag???
  15. I have pics....:graucho: My brand spanking new TMA in Light Grey Sheen!!!!