TLC What Not to Wear? Style Myths Quiz

  1. Took it, I missed two, (the miniskirt one, and the matching socks w/ shoes rule), but still fashion forward... LOL
  2. I missed three. The tie thing threw me off. And I didn't know you could wear stripes with plaid. And pantyhose with open-toed shoes?
  3. I totally disagree with their assertion that you can wear pantyhose with open toed shoes. That looks so tacky!
  4. I only missed 2-I am soo fashion forward!

    You wouldn't believe it by the way I dress-LOL!

  5. thats the only one I got wrong! ugh I disagree! pantyhose,and sandals/open toe shoes should NEVER be worn together!
  6. I missed two as well. I, along with all of you, say no way to pantyhose with an open toed shoe. Yuck.
  7. I missed the one on the tie knot. Fun quiz. Thanks for sharing. :biggrin:
  8. as long as the pantyhose are sandalfoot (i.e. no reinforced toes), i think its fine to wear them with open toed shoes
  9. The pantyhose with open toed shoes got me also. But, remember-there are different kinds of open toed shoes-if it is a peep toe type shoe and you wear sandalfoot pantyhose-then that would be ok.
  10. I missed the tie question--I don't know much about ties, I'm not a dude
  11. I missed two. I really need to get a life on Friday night and stop watching this show lol
  12. ^^^Haha, I missed the same ones as you.:biggrin::yes:
  13. 2 wrong...the pantyhose question and socks matching shoes lol
  14. i got them all right! i started to say you couldn't wear pantyhose with open-toed shoes, but then i started to think about all those fun colored and textured tights, and i've seen them successfully go with peep-toe pumps often, so i changed my mind.
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