TLC Channel Showing Special on Handbags

  1. Interesting, they are talking about all the designers, etc. and it's hosted by Stacy London from What Not to Wear:smile:
  2. I just saw it. Very interesting.
  3. O man i missed it! I LOVE Stacy London! its a show on both shoes and bags right?
  4. I only saw the portion on shoes. I'll have to watch the repeat to see the handbags!
  5. Ya.. I only saw the shoes. Poop!
  6. I saw parts of it - I LOVE that she advocates bag-borrow-or-steal over buying cheap knock offs like I thought she may have (as I winced during the program in anticipation)... very good! At one point I'm not quite sure what store shes in, but there are LOTS of bbags behind her and around her... mmmm...
  7. I saw it!!!!!!!!! Good show. I only saw the last part and then it was on again and I saw the whole show. Really~ the show was about shoes~ maybe 5 minutes about bags. I enjoyed it though.
  8. According to the TLC site, the show is called Fashion Fanatic and this particular episode (accessories) is going to be re-broadcast next week (both the 24th and 25th).

    Also, Stacy is doing a new show on her own with a live audience. Maybe some lucky NYC gals can see it - they are asking for fashion fantasy submissions/would you like to meet a designer/ and mom make-overs :smile:!
  9. I saw this show! It was really fun to watch and I've finally got some practice at saying "Christian Louboutin" LOL!

    My fav part was the brief clip in the store that stocked Balenciagas. That was some serious eye candy! Oh...and the Chloes too! She recommended the paddy. For MJ's, she recommends the Stam!
  10. O/T but you couldn't pay me enough to be around this woman. Surprised enough people like her for her to have another show. I used to watch What Not To Wear, but she is just so mean sometimes and the way she acts and her voice is so irrating imo. I would have liked to have seen this special, but she is like ear/mind torture to me. :tdown:
  11. Yes, I thought it was only on handbags (someone told me) and it was more like forty minutes on shoes and twenty minutes on handbags. I thought it was good though. I would have liked them to put the same emphasis, like deconstructing the shoe at Ferragamo in Italy, on the handbags but she did highlight some of the bigger names, the Chloe padlock as a status symbol, etc.:smile:
  12. It's funny you say this, Jinxster, because I don't watch WNTW a lot and occasionally, I've been shocked at what she has said about people's clothing and personal style during the first half of the show. Both she and Clinton are pretty snippy, but I remember one show in particular where they were scathing and during the "hotel interview" segment, the gal just broke down and cried! They were extremely nice to her after that. I suppose a lot of it is play for the cameras and ratings.

    But I dunno...maybe for a whole new wardrobe make-over, I would put in earplugs and take a chance. Maybe she will be like Oprah - giving away a handbag under the seat to every audience member :p hahaha!
  13. It was very interesting although I only saw part of it where she visited Ferragamo and made the shoe from scratch. I didn't see the part with bags, esp the bbags.
  14. I really enjoyed the show. I saw it and the only thing I think they could have pointed out was the fact that buying fakes is copyright infringement and is illegal. I enjoyed learning about the construction of the shoes, it will make my decision to get some CL simple pumps easier to justify if my DH asks. I do like Stacy. She is very New York and she can Clinton can be harsh on WNTW, but some of those people have no clue and gentle hints from their family and friends have not worked.
  15. I love Stacy (and Clinton)! I'm so glad she did this special. :smile: I DVRed it. :yahoo: