TLC channel now - Fashion Fanatics - handbags & shoes

  1. TLC channel Fashion Fanatics TV show is on right now, came on at 9pm eastern.
    Show is about designer shoes and handbags and is featuring an interview with Louboutin and he discusses how he engineered the shoes for comfort, how he came up with the red sole, etc. Also interviews with some top handbag designers. It is about to go off...I just got home. Maybe it will come on again. I Tivoed it.
  2. I watched it! Great if you love fashion, very informative and very nice to watch!
  3. I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Stacey London interviewed all my favorite designers - Christian Louboutin, Devi Kroell, Brigette Romanek. I hope that this show is going to be on weekly and not just a one time special.
  4. What was the name of the NYC boutique with the two women who mentioned the 'it' bags are hard to get a hold of, etc...?:confused1:
    Something K...bete...

    Kirna Zabete
  6. Here are some highlights:

    Interview with Manolo president

    Interview with Christian Louboutin

    How a shoe is made - behind the scense at the Ferragamo factory in Italy
    Ferragamo invented the wedge shoe in the 70s?

    Segment with a podiatrist who showed new techniques like injections of collagen? into corn area to help cushion and protect them from pain for up to 9 months and injecting similar "air pillow" stuff into the ball of your foot to help with cushion.

    Interview with Bag Borrow and Steal

    Interview with Jeffrey store in NYC

    Interview with Kirna Zabete store in NYC regarding the handbag craze and IT bags

    Interview with the designer of the Rockstar? crocodile clutches???

    Segment about shopping in Paris with a stop in some top shoe designer's store whose name I did not catch

    Segment on Devi Kroelle

    Segment about Chloe bags
  7. ^^^Thank you so much!!!:smile:
  8. I watched this earlier tonight. I really enjoyed it, very informative.
  9. Great show! Very interesting. :tup: Even my hubby watched a bit with me. I watched it on TLC since there was no new episode of What Not to Wear.
  10. I watched this last night as well. I really enjoyed it, especially the segment with CL. I think Stacey London did a great job of hosting.
    Is it okay to say that I didn't really like the last pair of shoes she wore? The ones where she ended the show by clicking her heels. I thought they were ugly.
  11. yeah, no new episode of WNTW :sad: but i loved this new show! hope it's on every week before or after WNTW!
  12. Just caught this thread, theres already another one started . Anyway, what did everyone think of that aligator (or croc) clutch? Very unique. Loved this show!
  13. OMG!
    how could I have missed such a great thread?
    Is this a regular show? When does it air?
    I must see it!
  14. I just caught the last 45 minutes - really hope TLC will repeat this often enough for me to catch it all the way through. Stacy London is wicked!
  15. ....missed it...... :sad: