TLC channel Fashion Fanatics TV show on now- interview w/ Louboutin

  1. TLC channel Fashion Fanatics TV show is on right now, came on at 9pm eastern.
    Show is about designer shoes and handbags and is featuring an interview with Louboutin and he discusses how he engineered the shoes for comfort, how he came up with the red sole, etc. It is about to go off...I just got home. Maybe it will come on again. I Tivoed it.
  2. I just watched it, oh my I love Mr. Louboutin. Just watching that brief interview made me want to go out and buy a pair of shoes. What is it that fuels this crazy addiction?!?

    This is a great show, is it a one time special or will it be a recurring weekly show? I love What Not to Wear and Stacy London is so adorable.
  3. Although I didn't agree with the segment about Mr. Blahnik...the commentator described his styles as classic, I consider the styles stagnant. I have not seen one new style in years, just recreations of prior season styles in different fabrications, patterns or prints, adornments, etc.
  4. I loved the segment at the Ferragamo shoe factory in Italy. Watching the shoe go from sketch through the whole process of being made by hand. Ten days for one shoe to be made! It gives you a different appreciation vs. the shot where they showed shoes being mass produced by machines.
  5. Ack, I saw a black Birkin! and love those Louboutins!!
  6. it was a great show. hoping TLC reruns it again either sat or sun. My bff and I are obsessed:amuse:
  7. I saw it last night as well. I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch. I switched channels just as it was starting.

    I think this show was a great idea, and very current. I also liked the interview with CL, as well as the segment on the Ferragamo factory. Although, as Kamilla above posted, watching the CL interview made me want to pay a visit to one of the boutiques (just to browse, of course ;)).
  8. I bought some Louboutins today at Saks and the SA was talking about the interview. I hope they reair it!
  9. It will be on this next Friday also according to
  10. I'm going for those Nike Air Cole Hahns.....anyone have them?
  11. I have a pair of the Cole Haan Nike Air pumps....kind of a squared toe in black patent leather. I really do like them, I can feel the difference that the "airbags" make. The only trouble is, the heel is higher than I usually wear, so it's taken some adjustment on my part.

    They are very well made, and the customer service at the store I went to was fabulous..very friendly!

    Give 'em a try!
  12. ohh I missed it but I hope I can catch it when it re-airs again