TKO Notices Driving Me Nuts

  1. I think I am about to lose it now - every time eBay removes an auction due to a hijacked bidder account, I lose about 24 hours on the sale (listing at the appropriate time/day, relisting the item, waiting for it to show up on searches). I am getting about 3 to 4 a week now, and it is driving me absolutely insane. I started writing my account manager some solutions and I was thinking that if more eBay sellers could do the same thing, it might be more helpful. I was on the phone at midnight yesterday talking to seller support and venting, and the guy also agreed they were good suggestions and that they would all forward them along to the appropriate decision-makers. Today I received a similar email saying such suggestions may be considered. Below is my email, please feel free to write eBay with similar or new suggestions as well to please stop this madness with the TKO floodings. If enough people write, someone might listen. I mean these changes are not THAT hard.

    "I have been getting an increased number of TKO notices and ended listings, averaging 3 per week. If I am a bulk seller then I can see how it would not really affect my business, but as you know my items are unique high-end authentic pre-owned and vintage designer pieces that are not duplicate in quantity - there is only one of each. Therefore, my business is being extremely hurt by this process of the TKO notices.

    Please read on:
    It is not that I fault Ebay for removing the listing once it is determined that an unauthorized bid took place. That sounds right.

    However, what hurts my business is that it takes up to TWELVE HOURS after re-listing the item on Ebay for it to show up in searches, not to mention the fact that previous watchers of the prematurely ended items are not aware of such a relist unless they search for it again (which may not always be likely).

    Therefore, I would like to see something like the following changes be implemented to the listings of sellers who have been victim to this TKO issue:

    1) For all listings ending prematurely with TKO, notify all members "watching" the item, of the removal and that it is not the seller's fault;

    2) When the seller relists this item, allow for immediate posting/make it immediately searchable on Ebay (if this poses security issues then perhaps you can include a clause saying that the descriptions must be identical, or even include a link feature to import the description or ad from the previous removed ad)

    3) IF NUMBER TWO CANNOT BE DONE, when the item is relisted, put a link in the "ebay item removed" page that shows when the original item was visited that guides the viewer to the relisted ad

    I agree, Ebay cannot do anything about unauthorized bidding activity beyond the efforts it is taking currently, and I do commend Ebay for taking such measures to protect both buyers and sellers from fraudulent activity.

    What Ebay can do and is not doing is to make this process seamless for the seller whose auctions and sales are affected. EVERY TIME THERE IS A TKO NOTICE, I LOSE ABOUT 24 HOURS (and extra man-hours) fixing the problem.

    I look forward to your response and seeing how Ebay can help rectify this situation in the sellers' favor as well as for the buyers."
  2. Bunkie: GREAT email. I'm going to send one like it myself. I got yet ANOTHER TKO notice last night on a Chloe Paddy I'm selling (with 10 watchers!!!), and this is the THIRD time it's been fraudulently "bought" - only to have to call eBay, get the FVF's refunded, relist the item, and wait for it to show up. RIDICULOUS!!!!!
  3. Is it only certain items that are targeted?
    I knew that account hyjacking went on, but can not see any purpose in this.
  4. Pink-my understanding is that they hijack all aspects of these buyer's accounts - a spoof email a few weeks back caught a LOT of people's passwords, etc. Then, then use the hacked information to "pay" through PayPal (if it gets that far). In my experience, it's ALL the high-end stuff. My TKO notices come for all the bags I've got listed over $800. I am going to try a new tactic - Immediate Payment Required, and see if that slows it down. I am losing valuable traffic on these auctions!!!:cursing:
  5. Yes, the immediate payment required is definitely a solution. For me it doesn't work because I take PayPal and various other credit cards/payment methods, which is why it sucks.
  6. Ebay refund the listing fees for TKO notices automatically but... the FVF is not automatically refunded and i have had to chase for 4 lots of this..... sneaky of Ebay!
  7. Yeah Mulberry - you're right. eBay does not, as of yet, automatically refund FVF's - which can be HUGE! I've had to call and chase down every single one. It's aggravating as h#$%! :cursing:
  8. You too huh!? I had $50+ in fees that were not automatically credited:cursing:
  9. I always go to their live help and they immediately credit back the money to me. It's the third one today. eBay thinks that they can scam us of our FVF
  10. :yes: live help do refund within minutes . I too mentioned last time i had a TKO notice that Ebay need to start refunding the FVF at the same point they refund the listing fees . It would save Ebay time and also help to rebuild the trust in the Ebay community . I find placing an immediate payment required on the listing appears to have stopped the fraudsters .... but time will tell. I did have a week where i refused to place items on BIN and used auction only (blocking less than 5 feedback bidders) but i am now confident to continue with BIN:roflmfao:
  11. Immediate payment seems to be the only real solution since they don't have the pre-approved bidder feature anymore. What sucks is that if the bidder is outside the US, Canada or the UK they cannot purchase your item if you want to still be protected by the Seller Protection Policy... sigh
  12. Yea, that means lesser seller are willing to ship to my country ;(
  13. I got my very first one today :sad:

    I agree, it is incredibly annoying and what is worse is that the listing is removed quickly, so you cannot even copy your own description, you have to start all over again, just because some idiot has decided to hit buy it now, ahhhhh it does make you so angry.

    Also, (gosh im ready to vent today), it took 30 hours for some of my prada and chloe items to show up on line after I put the auctions up. Now that is outrageous. You are paying for 7 days, but in reality, buyers can only see them for 5 days! and because of this TKO I have to relist, which will take another day to show up.

    I actually hate ebay :sad:
  14. Ok, I have tried not asking and working it out myself - for days now. What does TKO stand for? :confused1:
  15. I have had this happen twice with the same bag - it is so aggravating.
    Really, for what purpose do these people do this? They get nothing out of it - not a bag, not money - so it is just purely for malice? to a stranger? I just don't get it.
    And the relisting is a big chore - rewriting the same listing, etc. Thanks for the info on immediate payment, I hope it works this time.