Tk Maxx

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  1. a friend says she got a mulberry purse from tk max is she telling the truth??
    i went to ralph lauren today to do buying 4 the shop and they said that tk max get stuff that doesn't sell in outlets and it is all 4/5 years old. i can't see mulberry not selling anything in the outlet can you??
  2. I've got a friend who is obsessed with TK Maxx so I've been forced to go with her a couple of times (really not my kind of place!) and I've never seen Mulberry there and I don't think she has either. I did spot an Osprey bag once but nothing else exciting.
  3. TK Maxx? Wonder if that is the same company as TJ Maxx here in the states? :confused1: If so, I have never seen Mulberry there... we have a few in my area.
  4. Well my mum is a Tk Maxx fan and I must say she has got one or two nice things from there lots of FennWrightMason and Pringle Stuff and some nice Cashmere Pullovers.I can never be bothered to hunt through it all !!
    I think that they may get some Mulberry purses as they get alot of past season stuff in but I would imagine that you would have to be quick!!
  5. It's the hunting bit that I just can't be arsed with! I like my shopping to be retail therapy not a trauma & places like TK Maxx just get me feeling irritable. I'm all for a bargain but not when I have to rummage.
  6. ^^^^Exactly my point too, I try but after 10 mins of looking I lose the will to live and have to run out of the shop(screaming!!!)
  7. I just become a real prima donna and strop off to my car muttering!
    Off to have a soak in the bath now so talk tomorrow. Night. x
  8. I knew I had found shopping soul mates in you lot. I can't abide shopping in the sales, for example rummaging through a long rack of blouses with other people shoving you out the way just to save a fiver or so. I love a bargain but It's not worth my sanity the majority of the time.
  9. Yup i'm the same! avoid the sales totally except on-line that is!!!!:girlsigh:
  10. Who on earth in their right mind would sleep outside so they can get into the NEXT sale at 6am on Boxing Day????? I couldn't believe it when I heard people had been brawling over stuff.
    Shopping should be as enjoyable as lying in a deep bubble bath with a bar of Dairy Milk!
  11. i know i agree.


    i did see a lovley valentino coat the other day that was £58 and i wasn't sure, what was on my mind i sure of just got it!

  12. Absolutely!!!!
    I couldn't believe it when I saw pictures of the 'scrum' to get into Selfridges on the first day of the sale on the news- apparently the rush to the handbag department was extraordinary and there were images of women clutching 2-3 designer bags in each hand. Just looked so greedy and excessive to me. i can imagine lusting after one bag- saving up and then seeing some woman with more money than sense grabbing about 6 bags when all i wanted was the 'one' - and then lots of them probably found their way to e-bay anyway!!!:yucky:
    Sorry to anyone on here who was in the scrum!!!:p and if you were there- did you manage to get anything????:nuts:
  13. We saw that on the news too, a woman had 4 Fendi Spy's in her hand my brother automatically said "They are headed for eBay".
  14. I agree with all of you about TK Maxx - they do have some great stuff and brilliant prices but it all seems like a huge jumble sale to me.

    My friend always manages to find fantastic designer bits but then she is a size 8 so I suppose it is a little easier for her but I can't do with hunting things down.

    I HATE sale shopping (although I love the prices).

    Now - not that you have been talking about France but - I heard on TV recently that the biggest difference between the ladies in the UK and France is the in France the ladies buy their clothes and bags at the beginning of the season. They know what they want and go in and buy classic items when they arrive. Whereas, apparently in the UK, we will see something we want but wait until it is reduced in the sales.

    To some extent I do believe this. I also have to admit (but don't tell my 2 french friends!!!) that French ladies do look a lot smarter and more elegant than the average Brit (I bet they don't have TK Maxx).

    Here's to our outrage on TK Maxx ladies!!! Cheers!!! :drinks:
  15. The French have a very different attitude towards clothes shopping to us. Then again they don't have M&S so there really isn't as much 'high street' clothes shopping available to them.
    They do 'season' shop - which definitely helps them get that co-ordinated look.
    I love going shopping with my French friends - it's a real eye opener! Things are changing though with the arrival of places like Zara, they are becoming less structured and far more impulse buyers!