TJX Reward card

  1. I am thinking of applying for one, since I do shop at both TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Does anyone here have one? Are they good about giving you your rewards in a timely manner? There is no annual fee, so I was thinking about getting one and using it for the rewards and then paying off immediately. Just in case anyone is interested, you can get the info off the TJ Maxx website. It is good at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Home Goods(which I don't have here), and A.J. Wright(which also isn't around me).
  2. My aunt had one a long time ago, I haven't talked to her in a long while, but they were pretty timely with it. I don't have one myself, though I do go to tjmaxx a lot, I opted for the Saks mastercard instead.
    Hope that helps!
  3. Hmm ... I don't have a TJX card, but I'd like to just warn you about the security risk with their system. A few months ago, some hackers hacked into their system and stole information from pretty much anybody who shopped there that used their debit/credit cards and/or gave their addresses. I'm sure they've stepped up their security (and yes, once in a few moon I shop there), but just thought it was something you'd consider.
  4. Thanks. Now that you mention it I do remember that being on the news. Hmmm ...
  5. yeah be careful...major problems with their security and with identity should def. think about that before making your decision, hopefully since then they have upped their security!

    Good Luck!!

  6. Agreed - there's even a notice about this on the top of their website.

    I'd go with a general credit card that offers points / rewards for several places. I have a dept store visa that gives 1 point per dollar spent, 2 points for in store, and at times, double points. Reward certificates are sent when a 'point value' is reached. Discover has a simliar program, but you can cash in points for gift cards at several places, or apply the credit toward your balance! Look around...there are many "points / rewards" programs with various cards.
  7. my credit card was one of the ones that got shut off. i had no notification of my card being canceled..i was pleasantly surprised when i went to get gas and couldn't buy any. :mad:i was stranded until my friend let me borrow her card. i still shop at tj maxx, but i would NEVER use my credit card there again, or even consider getting a TJX card.
  8. I've had a TJX card for over a year. I've gotten a lot of coupons from them, a **lot**! Since I shop there often for clothes, jewelry, bags, and cooking stuff, it pays for me to have their card. They send the coupons I earned every month - I don't have to wait until the end of the year. I was lucky - never had any identity theft problem.
  9. Just so you know.. the TJX Card is now being issued by Chase (the old cards were not)... Also, before Chase would even 'sign on the dotted line' so to speak, they made sure that TJX stepped up security measures. It's very unlikely you will see another security breach from them.