Tjmaxx Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. OMG I am freaking out.

    Just came back from TJMaxx and scored BIGTIME!

    Got a $795 Michael Kors silk layered red/white spaghetti strap top for $60!!!!!!!!

    Its the perfect red to match my Timeless clutch!

    So excited. Will try and post pictures later.

    Hit those TJMaxx's girls! Amazing deals if you dig!:wlae:
  2. ^^Yes indeed. I have dug at TJMaxx and discovered stuff all the time!
  3. Congrats!! You NEVER know what you're going to find there.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. holy crap!! that's a steal! congratulations selena it's beautiful! reminds me of my 20.00 blue cult jeans that retailed originally for 120.00.
  6. And its cute too! Not just a good deal. Sometimes I buy things as they are to good to pass up, but this I will wear!
  7. That's really beautiful!! congrats on your deal!!
  8. Wow congrats!!! I love the Canadian equivalent (Winners), I alwaysssss go there! Most recent deal : Juicy couture jeans for 20$ ... and they were the regular store price, not even on sale :roflmfao:

    I ended up giving them to my sis cause they were a bit too tiny but still... what a steal!

    I love your top!!! I want one now :p
  9. LOL I have tons of "good deals" hanging in my closet still with the tags on!!!

    You definitely got a steal on this top and it is gorgeous! It will look FAB with the Red Timeless Cutch! You should post pics in Chanel's "in action" thread!
  10. Great deal selena!
  11. Killer deal, that top will look awesome with white jeans, like Seven Dojos:tup:
  12. I also had a TJ Maxx score today... I got a Badgley Mishka dress for $150 (still has the roughly $500 price tag on it... I don't remember the exact price right now). I also got a Badgley Mishka skirt for $80 that still had the $250 (I think) price tag on it.

    Still... my favorite clothes are (don't laugh) Lilly Pulitzer! I also got a dress of hers there for $45... retailed at $225.

    I don't have a digi cam, but I'll try to find pictures!

    I don't own designer anything, really. A few things I got at TJ Maxx and Marshall's here and there, but nothing too expensive. I've never seen much of a difference in quality in designer things and the things I buy... but the Badgley Mishka dress is AMAZING quality. (The skirt seems only average, but I've needed a skirt like that and it looks great, so I'll suck up the price since it was a good deal -- just way more than I ever spend!)
  13. I've never been there... they are about to open one up here in Santa Rosa, CA.... cant wait.. I saw this thread about someone getting an authentic MJ handbag for 200 dollars or something like that..
  14. WOW thats Awesome.
  15. nice!!! its beautiful!!