TJMaxx New Finds - Dolce Sunglasses, Coach, and Dooney & Bourke

  1. I just came from our local (Eugene, Oregon) TJ Maxx where I bought a great pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses for only $29, with case. They just got a bunch of new ones in, and a whole bunch of new Coach and Dooney & Bourke purses and smaller pieces in, all at about 60% or more off the retail price.

    I know some of you have said your TJ Maxx stores don't have good stuff, but I thought I'd post here for those that have runway stores.
  2. Nice to know! I got an email that said they just got in bunch of new designer purses..but they did not specify which lines....I'll check it out tomorrow! Thanks.
  3. Armaiti...What is a runway store???

  4. I go to TJMaxx and Marshall's all the time! Yesterday, the TJMaxx in Abington (right outside of Philly) had a Michael Kors bag. Retail is $1395 and was selling for $698! I had to tear myself away from it. My mom and I hit up Marshall's today, and they had some gorgeous bags. I can't think of the designer right now, but it was Italian. They always have Dooney, Coach and Via Spiga, among others. I thank God they don't carry my true loves, Vuitton and Gucci. (Thank heaven for small favors!) I am soooo mad because my mother really wanted to go, and I didn't want to go into my savings for shopping. She just got Juicy stilletos there at the beginning of the summer. I hate "window shopping." And I was a good girl and resisted the urge to splurge. Oh well...anyways...congrats on your finds! I'll be heading back to those stores after I get paid this week! LOL
  5. Damier Lover.... the runway is a department in some TJ Maxx stores that carry premium designer merchandise; they'll have shoes, clothes, jeans, dresses, accessories, etc.

    If you check out the TJ Maxx website, they should list which stores have runway departments.
  6. i can't wait for the TJmaxx that is coming to my hometown!! it opens sometime around August...just want to know when, goodnesss, can't wait to grab all the goodies (if there are any)

  7. looool, are you talking about the new one they are opening in Daly City? At least I THINK that's what I heard.. :wlae:
  8. Oooooh, I love TJMaxx!!
  9. Ours in the UK is called TK Maxx and it sells such cheap stuff. Fendi trousers for approx $48 and burberry sunglasses in the sale bin for $12...OMG some great deals :tup:
  10. My problem with this store is that it is like a jumble sale really, clothes all over the place - I can never find anything! Maybe I need to go in there early and have plenty of time to wade through all the stuff.
  11. They had Michael Kors bags originally $798 for $349 at the Atlanta one...also, lots of Dooney and Bourkes in fabric and leather. I fogot to check out the sunglasses. I may have to go back!:rolleyes:

  12. Shopping at TJ's is a learned skill! Good Luck!
  13. I LOVE TJ Maxx, but I did have to chuckle at this latest "sale". I got an email about it, and it talked about the premium bags that are usually under 'lock and key'. We went to two stores, and there were lots of Cole Haan and Dooney. Nice bags, but hardly what you would lock up.
  14. That same ad was in my local paper, too. Guess I won't need to make a special trip in that case.
  15. Tjmaxx in Granada Hills had lots of doney's, cole haan, desmo, and Isabella fiore bags. No dolce sunglasses though...