TJMaxx lately

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  1. I used to shop at TJMaxx all the time, mostly for household items like towels, linens, sometimes shoes, lingerie. I stopped by a local TJMaxx this evening. Hadn't been to one for years. Seemed like it had changed a great deal since the last time I was there, didn't have much merchandise. Not many shoes. Hardly any lingerie. Specifically I was looking for a pair of New Balance sneakers. They used to carry a lot of those. But they didn't have any, just a couple pair of Sketchers. Is it my imagination or has the chain fundamentally changed?
  2. No, TJMaxx business model has not changed. Other retailers and/or manufacturers may have merchandise which is unsold, due to either slow sales or production overruns. TJMaxx buys that merchandise at a reduced price to fill their stores. (A few manufacturers do deal directly with TJMaxx.)

    A bright note: I recently read an article that sales have been so dreadful at many retailers, that TJMaxx can expect to be loaded with merchandise in the coming winter months.
  3. Oh that's good to hear! Glad to hear that TJMaxx hasn't changed. It may just be the store near my house. Kinda run down, only one of two stores left in a boarded up strip mall. Maybe that's the reason it looks kinda bare and decrepit.
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    I kinda also saw less variety in products in few Tj's around the house, but it depends on the place i guess. The ones in LA are absolutely awesome!
  5. Agree. LA Runway stores are the best!
  6. All TJ Maxx's are not created equal. I have found that ones in or near higher income areas and or urban centers tend to have runway sections and slightly more upscale offerings. I've been to some that are more rural and the offerings have been generic.
  7. My TjMaxx/HomeGoods store is phenomenal! I have to really check myself when I go there to not overspend. There are wonderful items in every category imaginable.....rugs, lamps, furniture, home furnishings, jewelry, clothing (hit or miss), shoes (same).....I could go on and on. Guess it depends on your store, etc.
    Ours used to be just a run down TjMaxx, then they greatly expanded it a few years ago and added HomeGoods to it so they're combined and it's fabulous!
  8. I read in the paper that the shopping strip where this particular TJM is located is set to be demolished. So that might explain the shabby merchandise. But there's a plan to rebuild the strip with input from TJM. Fingers crossed that it's renovated into a better store.
  9. My TJ Maxx store sucks here. Fairly small store with a poor selection, not well organized, etc. The local Marshals is much better. It is bigger, better selection, and set up much better on the inside. I have bought quite a few things at Marshals compared to nothing at the local TJ Maxx.
  10. I dont think its your imagination, I have noticed the same. And I have runway and regular stores located in my area. I have even noticed at the runway stores that even the designer bags they carry seem cheap. The leather seems thinner than the identical bag which you may find in Saks or NM. I do know that they have contracts with some designers to make identical merchandise to sale in there stores. Just like the outlet stores do. But the problem with that is its no longer reflected in the price, so I really dont feel like im getting the same good deals anymore. That is why I stopped shopping TJM a few years ago.
  11. My TJMaxx never had terrific bags. Occasionally I'd spot a Dooney but it wasn't identifiable as from one of their main lines. And it would be tacky looking and cheaply made. But the price would be out of this world. So I pretty much stopped shopping there.