TJMaxx carries Prada clothing!!??!!

  1. I met a friend up at TJMaxx yesterday. I didn't plan to buy anything because I went through all of their shoes and handbags the other day and they didn't have anything worth looking twice at except for some Harajuku Lovers luggage (which I bought when I was there the last time). My friend was looking through the clothes for some stuff for work. She just got a new job as an assistant at a local law firm and she needed some stuff to wear to work. She found some cute Free People for $15! They had some SFAMK which I've never seen in there but the prices weren't worth it yet.

    As I was looking with her through the jackets and blazers on the clearance rack, I found a Prada jacket! Marked down from $800 retail to $60 yellow tag clearance! I couldn't believe my eyes. Nothing wrong with it at all, except that it was old ladyish. I didn't care, I figured I could plop that baby up for resale on eBay. That's the best whoo hoo I've ever found at TJMaxx, and believe me, I will now always look through the clothes.
  2. I have bought most of my Prada pieces from Loehman's in San Francisco --- fantastic pants, jackets and sweaters for a quarter of the price! So yeah, congrats on your score!
  3. wow i'd expect to see that at loehmans but not tjmax. good find! :smile:
  4. I think the TJ Maxx you went to is one of the special "runway" TJ Maxx which carry a section of higher-end clothing. I've read about it on other forums.

    Congrats on the find!
  5. Wow! Congrats on your find.
  6. Um which one is that? City/state?
  7. I went to one Saturday where there was Prada,Armani,and D&G. I walked away with three older style Prada belts for under $5.00 apiece. I wanted a Prada cardigan, but it was just too small. They suprise me with their incredible selection(considering it is TJMaxx), but I have always been happy with this store. I got my first Armani there over 10 years ago.
  8. wow i never have any finds like the ones mentioned on this thread. I love TJmaxx but I get tired just by looking at the racks and racks of clothing.
  9. ^^This is my first weekend ever where I had such incredible luck,though. I paid a decent amount for my Armani years ago. This weekend there was a sale, over 25% off of already marked clearance, and I got a ton of stuff from Prada to Cynthia Steffe. Normally I never have any luck.
  10. Wow, what a find, there is a TKMAXX here but rarely anything worth buying. I did find a pair of VB jeans for my daughter though!
  11. Hi everyone, i didnt know what TJmaxx was since Im from the UK But when i went on the site I noticed that its the same logo as out TKmaxx here in the UK, Out TKmaxx sells Mochino, ted baker, ****, gucci, police, DVF, Prada, diesel, D&g and lots of other brands.
  12. ooo good find, Ive not saw any of them in ours ! :smile:
  13. What a good fine! Congrats.
  14. wow 5 dollar prada belts? Thats nuts! Im hitting tjmaxx up tomorrow!
  15. I bought a pair of true religions in TKMAXX yesterday for £60 :yahoo: