TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

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  1. I found these $196 J Brand jeans on clearance in Marshall’s for $15. Size 23. No other human being could possibly have fit into them, I guess. [​IMG]
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  2. Size 23? It seems like 10 years ago. Lol.
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  3. My stores didn’t have any high-end designer yellow tags, but I found a lot of cheap casual/sportswear pieces from mid-range brands like cloth and stone. Also picked up some unopened beauty products (locked in those plastic cases).
    Spotted YSL aviators and Stella sunnies for $49.
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  4. Yes, problem is you can't search for those brands on the website.
    E.g. not searchable but listed: VALENTINO GARAVANI bag:

    Tricks you learn when working with ladies at work! TkMaxx is a great site if you want to buy your girlfriend a present :smile:
  5. Snagged a bunch of yellow-tagged items, including this Badgley Mischka wool coat for $39 (from $259 MSRP) and these Ecco boots for $29 (from $200 MSRP). Also picked up a Michael Kors ivory waffle-weave cotton sweater for $18 (from $150 MSRP), some Philosophy cologne for $6 (from $40 MSRP) and a variety of Rusk hair products on red tag.

    39338dea-815f-436b-8e79-57f12f198f61.jpeg 81M+GUehkyL._AC_UY600_.jpg
  6. Very nice
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  7. Does anyone know when and/or if Winners/Marshall’s will e having a runway/designer event this March?
  8. Feb 28
  9. That’s soon glad I asked thank you
  10. Your welcome :smile:
  11. Found a pair of Gucci Loafers slides at my local TJMaxx. Clearance price $499 size 10. Sadly not my size. Very surprised to see them at TJMaxx as they’re a pretty popular style.
  12. F125C283-9054-4AA4-8FA1-AAB6BC8093D0.jpeg Some beauty finds. First time seeing La Mer@ Marshall’s
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  13. Holy moly, that’s some good stuff! I was just at a TJ Maxx & didn’t see any of that stuff. May have to stop at another one on the way home! I just have to know… How much was each item?
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  14. 1B1928B6-AAC5-47CE-8B0C-9987FF145449.jpeg St John cardigan for $110, plan to wear it as a spring coat. Reiss short trench for $120. Love red tags

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  15. Thx, I was happy to score the items as the stock has been kind of dry after the holidays . Lipstick was $39.99, brush $16.99 and La Mer $69.99
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