TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

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  1. Wallet 20181201_145550.jpg
  2. #10322 Dec 1, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
    YSL 20181201_145524.jpg
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  3. Lots of small bags in locked case. 20181201_145511.jpg
  4. Chloe for 1099 I think. 20181201_145506.jpg
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  5. Fendi 20181201_145502.jpg
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  6. Do you know the price of the Fendi camera bag ?
  7. 6C9BEB6B-15FD-45F3-947C-E3E6ED525E9C.jpeg 328B8D55-9BA3-4301-87C8-48481B693266.jpeg
  8. The TJ Maxx website has a disturbing amount of Balenciaga...:happydance:
    They’ve got a fair amount of D&G and Jimmy Choo right now as well. I didn’t realize they carry as much high-end as they do, my local stores certainly do not. Crazy!!
    However, I have in recent days picked up Lauren Ralph Lauren, Botkier, my first MK Hamilton, Marc Jacobs, and a couple Dooneys. Aw yeaaahh.:cool:
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  9. When is their yellow tag clearance sales?
  10. It started yesterday
  11. image.jpg PS1 marked down to 700.00 I was afraid to wait and miss out on her
  12. Love the colour!
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  13. I love your bag! The TJ Maxx stores near me never have high end bags.
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  14. TJ Maxx and Century 21 offers discounted designer bags on their websites.
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  15. I was so surprised to find this bag mine rarely has high end bags
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