TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

  1. I don't know if the shoes were there the last time I was there (Sunday) or last week when I was there (last Thur) cuz I never looked (or noticed the display) The Runway shoes weren't with all the other shoes. They had their own separate display. It's like this tall pillar (or support beam) that sits across the aisle from the Runway section (where all the clothing and bags are). If you look at the pic I posted of the D&G polka dot shoes, you can see the Runway section across the aisle (you can see the Prada bags in the background). The support beam has these small shelves and each one held two or three pair of shoes. The Prada shoes are what caught my eye today and when I walked around the other side, there were the YSLs! Ill be sure to check this display every time I'm there from now on!

    Do you mean the Black ones? I loved those and was really hoping that one of them would be my size, but unfortunately, they were both far too small for me - I think one pair was a 36.5 and the other a 37.5. I'm pretty sure they were $299 (I know those Fendi colorblock shoes were definitely $299 and I think the black ones were the same price)

    The "compare at" price on the tag said $799. Do you happen to know if thats how much the Tributes normally sell for? For the most part, I don't think the shoes at TJMaxx come in boxes, but I would have thought the Runway shoes did. I thought it was a little odd that the Todd's came with both a box and a sleeper, and they were with all the other shoes rather than with the designer shoes
  2. OMG, those tribs are TDF! They retail for $795. Do you happen to know if the store does charge-sends? I want the 37s! Also, what color are they? In the pic, I can't tell if they are patent navy or patent black.
  3. Sorry the Fendis in the second photo I was speaking of are the color block shoes. I bought a pair at full retail last year from them! $299 is a gift!!:graucho:
  4. The YSLs were Navy Patent.

    Unfortunately neither TJMaxx nor Marshall's does charge sends. They won't even transfer from one store to another (I asked them this last week). I guess I can understand why - they'd probably be overwhelmed with shipping requests.

    Do you have a Runway store near by? It might not hurt to call the store closest to you to see if maybe they got any.
  5. There aren't any Runway stores within 100 miles of where I live :cry:
  6. thanks for the update. We are going back in a couple of weeks. Gives my daughter something to look forward to after her doctor's appointments. Countryside has great stuff!
  7. Omg.. I have been contemplating myself to get these shoes from net - a - porter with the exact same color.. They sell for 454 gbp.. Major steal...
    I wish I live in IL now.... Where I live (Sydney) there is nothing like tjmaxx or Marshall...
    Congrats on your shoes! Great find. I'm sure you will enjoy every bit of it.. :smile: :smile:
  8. I've seen the ipad case for 60 at the Nordstrom rack and the pouches for 29.99 (black) and 39.99 (leopard heart)
  9. Edinburgh TK Maxx

    Lots of Moschino silk scarves for around £15 or so. Some v nice designs
  10. i am getting myself to that countryside store STAT
  11. No runway stores for me either :sad: But I did score 2 kate spade bags a few weeks ago. But I would love for my marshalls/tjmaxx to have ysl shoes!!!!!

  12. love this stella bag! and souch a good price for it aaarrrgghhh... why do we not have runway stores here?!

  13. Oh, those were really cute. Are those from last Spring/Summer? Those were a size 39 & I know for sure they were $299. What was the original retail on those?

    (The black ones next to them are Fendi too! Those are the ones I loved!)
  14. Saw a Céline at the NYC 57th and 8th store earlier today marked down to something like $1900. I don't know a lot about Céline, but the tag was marked as the "frame" and I'm almost sure it was this one:

    Also saw a Givenchy bag for a little under $700, a Fendi Baguette for I think $600, and a Dolce and Gabbana and Jimmy Choo that I don't recall the prices of. There was also a pair of Miu Miu gladiator-ish white sandals in size 7 marked down to $199.
  15. I need to go to a runway, stat! do you know what style Givenchy it was?