TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

  1. i found this kate spade bag today at marshalls! my aunt is a kate spade fanatic so she asked me to buy it for her! the original tag says $325 but I got it for $140! the chain strap can be used as two or as one for an over the shoulder look! it's super cute!
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  3. Love that Kate Spade bag! I see our TJ'S has gotten in several of her bags wish they would get this one!-love the line-will spring for one when they go on sale:woohoo::woot:
  4. I've gotten a lot of good things from TJ Maxx. They are based in MA so I feel like that's why all our stores have good stuff even if some are not runway.

    I got an Ipad 2 for $399 (originaly 600)
    a Ralph Lauren camel hair blazer for $39 (originally $1900)
    a See by Chloe dress for $59 (originally $600)
    a French Connection dress for $25 (originally $260)
    an All Saints dress for 15 (originally $400)
    a Tibi skirt for $39 (originally $260)
    Tahari heels for $20 (originally $140)
    Dolce & Gabbana Jeans for $59 (originally $400)
    Lilly Pulitzer Panda Shorts that I was DYING FOR $30 (originally $150)

    and a lot more stuff that i'm probably forgetting x.x
    on another note if i spent all that money on something else i probably coulda gotten a nice bag haha
  5. i went to was a runway store. i found lots of cute things but didnt get any. i found a fendi tote that i really wanted but it was $899 so i put it back since im planning on getting another LV..i saw a kate spade planner too that i was going to get. but put it back because the inserts were for 2011.
  6. woahhhh where'd you find an ipad 2? i bought mine for its retail price. i never knew tj sold ipads!

    great finds too!!
  7. That's crazy!!!
  8. Which tj did you go? :smile:
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    Paradise couldn;t help but notice you have the LV Montorgueil Pm -
  10. i HAVE THE GM-love that bag-so basic!
  11. Noo thats my current wishlist!! I love the gm and would probably rather that..i dont know which one to get as my next bag...hmm
  12. Decided to register and contribute, instead of just lurking and only reaping the benefits ;) .

    TJMaxx Somerville had a Givenchy satchel in the clearance aisle for ~$700 earlier today among Herve Chapelier and JPK nylon totes and a bunch of Kate Spades. I believe there was a Marc Jacobs bag as well but didn't bother looking at the tag, since I'm pretty broke after a hefty school tuition bill.

    I didn't leave quite empty-handed though. Came out with a $40 pair of cat eye Raybans, $20 Yoon pullover sweater, and $15 BCBG patent wedges.
  13. The Runway TJ's in Alexandria, VA (Potomac Yard) had quite a few Prada bags. They were amongst the regular bags on the rack closest to the jewelry counter.
  14. New Prada bags at the Countryside store. Both are $1399. The brown one w/the padlock does not come with a sleeper. The small grey one is lined w/suede
  15. Hey everyone!
    I love to hear about all the wonderful goodies that everyone finds, but this thread is for posting finds and deals that other people can take advantage of! There's a thread in the Shopping Forum for posting all those lucky finds you purchased for yourself.

    I just don't want the mods to close this thread because its not in the spirit of Deals and Steals! (That's why the other thread was moved - there were too many discussions and not enough deals)

    Thanks everyone! And keep posting those finds in case someone close by wants to take advantage!