TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

  1. I found a Michael Kors Hamilton in luggage for $200 at TJmaxx.
  2. I do not think I walked around the whole store. You know the bags are at the front so it was promising once I saw the bag that it could be!

    I did notice a lot of Tumi bags which was different for this location.
  3. I went to my local Marshalls and was pleasantly surprised when I found the quantity of contemporary brands that are normally at TJ Maxx runway stores. I was able to get a pair of blue Vince jeans on clearance for $25 and a wool Theory sweater on clearance for $69.99. And the other weekend I found run raisin colored Vince jeans that I got on clearance for $49.99.

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  5. Love the jeans!
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    My latest is this pair of Adrienne Vittadini Prim nude sandals for....$10! :biggrin::p:lol:

    You know when you see the price and just think something must be wrong with them if they are only $10! NOPE, nothing wrong with them!!!



  7. What a find! Congrats!
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    Chloe coat marked down to 249 on clearance at friends hip heights tj maxx
  9. Scored a bunch of things today at TJ's on clearance:

    1. Lucky Brand three-button moto-style jacket for $27
    2. August Silk grey sweater with white blouse collar and hem for $20
    3. Ralph Lauren red 3/4 sleeve peplum top for $27
    4. Ella Moss faux fur jacket for $49
    5. Ella Moss red moto-style jacket for $69
    6. Vince long, sleeveless belted cardigan for $70

    Here are photos of the two Ella Moss pieces.
    Ella Moss faux fur jacket.jpg Ella Moss faux fur jacket1.jpg Ella Moss jacket.jpg

  10. Oh I love those jackets!! Congrats!
  11. Thank you :smile:

    I'm thinking of wearing the faux fur to work tomorrow with a simple scoop-neck top, pencil skirt and boots. It's so cuddly--just the thing for this frigid Midwestern weather!

  12. That would be adorable! Yeah I feel ya...not enjoying this cold weather in Chicago.
  13. Just saw chanel watches at Tj! The ones with the blinged out diamonds, from $18k down to $12k anyone interested? Lol!!!!

  14. Are you serious! Chanel at tj maxx!!! I haven't even seen a pair of shoes or bag there and now they have the 18k watch! Lol
  15. OMG whaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!! picts?!