TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

  1. The tjmaxx runway store at the district in Tustin was already pretty much picked over for handbags. There was a red YSL Cassandre clutch for 650$. That was the best thing there!
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    There we go, couldn't get a picture to attach.
  3. Wow! OakBrook was so disappointing! The only shoes they had were these black Rag & Bone boots which aren't even considered Runway. The bags were pathetic except for this gorgeous Black YSL which I almost bought but the bottom was pretty scratched up, I know it's the bottom but it would bother me. They also had a couple Valentino Rock Stud & a baby Pandora bags. I did put a 2Jours on layaway - the color is gorgeous & I couldn't resist! Other than that, blah!

  4. More from OakBrook

    These B Atwood shoes are just like the black ones I bought -$79
    And a BV bag (& my Fendi ❤)

  5. Hi are you referring to the valentino pointy toe kitten heel sandals? Thanks.
  6. 200.00 that's it? Hold on ,I have to pick up my jaw off the floor.
  7. These retail shops aren't allowed by law ,(and are regulated often) to sell anything counterfeit.
    So I'm thinking there's no way those jeans were fake.
  8. JJ they look "MAHVELOUS!"
  9. Thanks for the update! How much were the Newburys? They have the same ones at Oakbrook Rack for $249. Wondering if they're cheaper?
  10. I think they were $200, but I'm not sure. The ones in Countryside were $200 and I liked those more than the ones in OakBrook.
  11. Thanks so much! I was like 20 feet away from the department when it caught my eye, and I couldn't get there fast enough! I came *this* close to buying the smaller black one at Nordstroms last May. I wanted it so badly but knew it was way too small. I had hoped I'd come across a larger one [on sale] but knew my chances were slim to none. I've also been wanting a bag in this color (Bordeaux) too, so I killed two birds with one stone. I'm so excited. The bag itself looked flawless too! I can't believe it found its way to TJMaxx. I would have thought this color/size would have sold out a long time ago! Thank goodness for TJ's layaway! :p
  12. I saw a chyc clutch in red for $750 thought it was too pricey though! :sad:
  14. If anyone lives in Washington DC, there was a grand opening at TJ Maxx (Georgetown area - M Street) yesterday. It's a runway store, I believe. I went today, and they had a huge selection of purses and wallets. There were literally 3-4 tables filled with them; brand names were mostly Saint Laurent, Chloe, Fendi, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Balenciaga. The Saint Laurent and Chloe wallets were around $399. A black Balenciaga velo (RH) was $999, and a brown (?) Balenciaga City (mGH) was $1299. I'm not too sure about the others though.