TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

  1. That's comforting to hear, I bought a Gucci for $40 from my local Marshalls and after not seeing another one in there since I got it, started wondering if it was a fake!
  2. I want to know which locations you girls are going to! the only gucci item that I've EVER EVER EVER seen is sunnies, and not even usually the good ones.

    Where are you girls going?
  3. I got my gucci bag at the marshalls in Laurel, MD. It was on like super-super clearance with 4 stickers stacked on each other.
  4. sorry, I ment to type underwear not underwar LOL

    secondly, I dont know if they carry fake jeans :/ its best to buy them, take pics and post them on authenticforum and have those experts give you an opinion. Marshalls does have a 30 day return policy, so its worth it to me.
    Also, this stuff is usually mixed in with the regular clothes but mostly under the banner "CLEARENCE" in red, as soon as you walk in, just look at the cieling for the hanging banner :biggrin:
  5. thanks i will have to check it out!
  6. yeah my marshalls in san leandro had some awesome stuff on clearance too! i got an earnest sewn denim skirt for $5, joe's jeans gray jeans for $10 (!!!), a pair of juicy sweats for $12 and random shorts from american eagle/roxy/etc for like $1-$3! oh and a pair of juicy shorts for $20, priced "high" cause it wasn't final clearance yet, lol.
  7. Ive always found good deals, but never designer stuff! Thats great you found such deals!
  8. today i got a pair of Stuart weitzman lace heels for 20 and giovanni cole haan silver flats for clearance had a lot of great stuff...
  9. TJ Maxx is doing like super final clearance right now too! I got some really cute pink Kate spade sunnies for $7! They also had a ton of Lilly Pulitzer stuff for really cheap, including dresses for $10 and $20, but I'm not really into her clothing. I wish my location had designer jeans though :sad: I always look, but they never seem to carry them, I would love some more Joe's Jeans for cheap! And leothelnss, what kind of Gucci bag is it?! That's insane though for $40! Although I think I would have it authenticated on here, because somebody said awhile back about somebody getting a fake Gucci at a I would just check, but what an amazing deal!
  10. ^ Thanks, I actually took some pics earlier tonight and I'm going to post them in the authenticate this gucci thread in a little bit, if you want to see the purse, and find out if it's real! I know I do...
    Otherwise, it's going to goodwill!
  11. My Marshall's doesn't carry super-high end things, but they often have some nice items. I bought Rock and Republic sunglasses there for $49, and the last time I went they had 2007 Coach Legacy bags. I have seen 7 jeans there, but no other worthwhile brands. They are great for mid-range brand name bags in nice leather, though.
  12. I never find really good designer stuff. I usually have my DD with me though, so that makes it hard to really look through everything.
  13. It may be going to goodwill... Turns out it was a FAKE! So beware if you find something (specifically a bag) that looks too good to be true at Marshalls!
  14. I went to a different Marshalls and found

    2 pairs of rich and skinny jeans for $7.00 each
    Hudson skinny jeans for $20.00
    Rebel Yell hoodie $5.00
    Pink NIKE sports bra with criss cross straps in back [sexayy] for $10.00
    More calvin Klein underwear's for $1.00-$2.00 each [seamless]

    Heading to a different Marshalls tomm LOL.
    my city has like 5.
  15. That's incredible! I've been slacking on visiting tpf, but i'm definately going tomorrow.