TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

  1. The bags that I see at my local Marshall's are usually just C. Rowley, B. Makowsky, Nine West and some off brands. I did find a cute Fossil messenger there and bought it a few months back. I go mostly to check for boots and belts. But color me surprised when I went in tonight and found about 10 different MK bags, an Oryany bag, and even a Ralph Lauren bag. The style and leather of RL bag was soooo nice, I would have bought it except for the fact that it was pink and I absolutely HATE pink. Weirdly, the shoe department was wiped out like I've never seen before...
  2. I haven't found anything to rave about at my local TJMaxx or Marshall's!! The clearance section from the holiday sale has been completely scarce with good finds. Anyone in the DMV find any deals with bags?
  3. I agree. Clothes are spread out on the racks but you can see the stores are empty.
  4. Found CL piou piou 85 in black patent sz 39.5. $479. Just excited to have a CL sighting at tjmaxx!
  5. CL? wow! I saw one at Marshall's a few weeks back - no box or anything, but still, pretty impressive.
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    Lately I've been seeing a lot of high end RL, they used to only carry the lower end pieces. MK always at my local. I found Gucci shades once for $100 n denim uggs for $80. I also saw a Movado yesterday for $200.
  7. Not really. I have been to the TJ Maxx in Lanham, Bowie, Columbia and the Marshalls in Greenbelt, Largo in recent days (most are close to Target stores which I have been stalking for some Altuzarra goodies :shame:smile:.

    All I've seen are small Gucci hobos - one in black patent (Columbia), a green one with the gucci horsebit thingy embossing (poor description, I know) in green (Greenbelt, there was also a Fendi bag that looked either super old or faux to my non-trained eyes). Greenbelt still has 2 Stella McCartney bags. About 2/3 weeks ago, DC TJ Maxx Runway had several wallets - Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Chloe, Givenchy, some small Fendi bags and I think a Chloe bag of some sort.

    Maybe with end of year sales at the major department stores now over the leftovers may trickle down to TJ Maxx/Marshalls soon.

    VA ladies - any better sightings on your end? (Someone please find me, AEGIS and ooh, her name escapes me now - some Celine Luggages and Phantoms, thank you :cool:)
  8. This is a Winners find, it's not exactly a "fantastic find" but I wasn't sure where else to put this.

    Today I was looking through the jackets, and I found a jacket that someone obviously messed it. You can see the holes of the other tag, and the badly stitched on S&K tag. This makes me so mad, I guess this is why our Winners will never have the awesome items that you ladies find.

    Also, I wasn't sure if I should've notified the employees or not. What do you ladies think?
    image-62036395.jpg image-168761818.jpg image-3993101476.jpg
  9. The TJ credit card is great. Pick up an application at any cash register or ask for one. They are either Visa's or Mastercard. (can be used as any credit card would) For every TJ purchase, you will receive 5% cash back in the form of credits that come with your monthly statements. I've had one for many years and have received lots of $$$$ back! The one drawback is that the banks they use have over the years changed and we've had to cancel the card and reopen with the next bank that sponsors their reward system.
  10. I have had good luck at winners here in Canada, I've got 2 prada bags a few years ago, a Gucci watch, a fendi selleria watch and over the Christmas holidays this year I got a Michael kors winter coat, a Gucci bag reduced to $249 similar to the ones recently posted and get this, a valentino seduction watch retail$1550 which I got for $250 plus tax! I was super excited over the watch!
  11. Whoaaaa, which province?
  12. Ontario. I live close to ancaster so I go to that one a lot but when time permits I venture out to mississauga :smile:
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    I got a black Columbia jacket -sooo comfy for 39.99 @TJ maxx!
    I needed a work jacket and one for my business trips to customers(for my job)
  14. You saved me a trip today to Bowie/Lanham!!
    I might go to Tyson's tomorrow while the games are on. No word from Novagrl???.....
    I've seen those small Gucci hobos too - the same ones that DSW sell online. I did stop by the DC store during my lunch hour yesterday and nothing changed there either, same items. It's time to mark those wallets down now then maybe I will consider the Fendi or Chloe.
  15. I think the last time I was there was the day after Christmas, and I don't recall anything special there. If you do go tomorrow, let us know if there's anything good!