TJMaxx and Marshalls - Fantastic Finds!

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  1. I headed over to Marshalls today and scored a pair of True Religion Stella jeans for $69.00 a French Connection black tank for $3.00 a joie top for $5.00 and Calvin Klein underwars for $1.00 each. [the seameless ones]

    also, noticed they had a TON of Michael by Michael Kors dresses for $0.70-$3.00 down from, get this $398.00!!!!! I was shocked!!!
    They had elle tahari for $5-$10 marked down from $300+ also. I went in 30mins before closing so didnt get a chance to look everywhere, but im going to a different location tommorrow :biggrin:
  2. WOW...thanks! I'll have to go check out my local Marshalls. :tup:
  3. OMG :wtf: i won't be able to go until Sunday. hope whereve I go there will still be stuff left. Are these mixed in with regular clothes they have or are in a separate section? TIA
  4. I was about to purchase a pair of True Religion from Marshalls but then I noticed that they were fake. Be carefull they had real ones mixed in with fake ones. You can tell by the tag on the back of the jeans, the button on the fake pair was are really shiny silver and the stiching was diffrent
  5. I hardly ever score that good when I go. One of my favorite tees I have is a Primp camo tee with pink rhinestones I got from my store for like $8.

    I have never seen TR jeans though, maybe I should go tommorrow.
  6. I bought a really nice pair of BCBG jeans for 34.99 - and not the "BCBG girls" - really good deal! I've scored Lucky Jeans from Marshall's, too, as well as Antik Denim for my daughter on major clearance.

    The handbags are hit or miss, but I've bought Michael Kors on clearance & Francesco Biasia for a steal!
  7. woo awesome!
  8. mine had a lot of theory and laundry by a laundry shirt for 24.99 and that wasnt even on sale...
  9. I love that my Marshalls is so close by. I try to top in at least every other week since they seem to change their merch. so often. I found vera bradley bags there last week for my sisters!
  10. Yes I love how tjmaxx/marshalls are carrying vera bradley now. I use their totes to lug around all my way-too-heavy books. That way there's still a little personality to my bookbag but I'm not using and ruining my really nice bags for school.
    Plus vera bradley makes great gifts. They've even been carrying the stationery. I'm a fan.
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  11. My local Marshalls carry Gucci, Prada, Versace also...stuff that are $1-2k+ down to less than $300. I never knew they carry such high end stuff until I went one day...they do sell True Religions, COH, 7s, and a host of other designer jeans for like $70-$100.
  12. Thanks for the heads up!!
  13. Wow, I'm jealous. I haven't seen that yet. I think a trip is in order...
  14. I live in Dallas, TX. I've been to several marshalls but there is only one that I've seen that carries the high end stuff. It's the one at the Preston Center Pavillion in Dallas.
  15. So true!! I went yesterday and got a C&C tank for $3, and a Tahari dress retail $200 for $7!! I also got a Theory dress retail $535 for $20!!! I'm going to a diff location today...