TJMAX & Marshalls Deal

  1. I need your opinions, after reading up on all your great deals, I decided to head to these stores and searxh for deals. Here is what I found a Cynthia Rowley bag for 180, normally 435 and a Charles David for 120 normally 260. Im not sure if I should keep both let me know what you think of the Rowley bag; I will look for a picture of the Charles David one.
  2. I like it. It's a great price for it as well.
  3. That's a nice bag! I'd keep it. I'd never heard of Charles David, but I saw his bags at my TJ Maxx. They look really nice. Is he a new designer?
  4. nice bag, i say its a keeper!
  5. Cynthia Rowley makes some pretty nice bags from what I can tell. I once had CR bowler-type bag and it appeared to be very well made. I just didn't use it enough so I sold it. I would say that you got a great deal on a really nice bag. Good one!
  6. I love Charles David shoes, and the bags are pretty stylish too.

    The Cynthia Rowley bag is great... if it's something that you'll use. I'm a believer that the price doesn't dictate the value. There are bags that cost more than others, but you don't value them as much as others!

    It's a great bag and I hope you enjoy it.

    The TJs and Marshalls in MA have a wide variety of Cynthia Rowley bags as well as Coach, D&B, and occassionally Isabella Fiore.. .although I've never bought one from there.
  7. I like the bag. It looks great for a daily bag. Great price.:tup:
  8. Cute bag! I say keep for sure.
  9. Thanks! I really do like both bags; the Rowley bag is made of calf skin leather which is so soft and makes me feel sad at the same time. The Charles David one is really nice, I'll take pictures. I love his shoe so I need to find some to match.
    I was really surprised because the TJMax that I went to had so many designers, Coach, Dooney, Desmo, Michael Kors, Andrew March, Charles David. They said they have more designers right now than they normally do.
    Again thanks for the feedback.
  10. cute bag...its a keeper
  11. That's a beautiful bag! My Marshalls doesn't have anything nearly that cute!
  12. Definitely keep the CR bag in my opinion. It's beautiful.
    Show us if you have the pic of Charles David one.
  13. That Cynthia bag is beautiful! I say keep it!
  14. the bag is a keeper.
  15. I got this bag from TJMaxx today and I'm still undecided if I should keep it or not. It's from the Roberta Gandolfi collection (not familiar with her) and I got it for $149, it retails or retailed for $260. It's made in Italy and at first glance, it reminded me of the Chanel Cabas line (I hope Chanel owners don't think this is blasphemy...).

    Please let me know if I should just spend this money somewhere else. If I hadn't bought 3 LV bags the last um, 3 days (I hope my bf doesn't know about this forum), I wouldn't hesitate to get this but right now, I'm quite unsure. TIA!