tj maxx?

  1. i was just wondering if its common for tj maxxs' to have coach items? and how do they get them?
  2. Yes, it's common. I almost always see Coach bags when I am there. I am not exactly sure how they get them but there have been other threads on the board that say they are obtained from a product diverter.
  3. Pretty common for them to have them, even though they may sometimes be sold out :smile:
  4. yes, in the tjmaxx near me, there are dozens of coach bags and accessories. Authentic! they are from previous seasons and on sale.
  5. i've never really been to a tj maxx....but we are going tonight....although im not in a big coach area....small town, so i have my doubts.
  6. Yup, they sell Coach, but I have heard of people spotting fakes there.
  7. i read that on a thread here.....hopefully (if they even have any) i'll be able to tell :smile:
  8. When the department stores get rid of stuff I think they sell it off to these places.....what you see locally depends on your store...The department stores near me don't carry coach...and its rare that I see it at my local TJ maxx (or marshalls - which is also owned by TJ maxx).
  9. our tj maxx has a few coach bags, but never carries accessories.
    most are authentic, but be careful of fakes (i saw one a few weeks back). know, to some extent, what to look for in an authentic bag.
  10. I read somewhere that fakes are occasionally seen -- and the speculation was that a person buys a real one and returns the fake. The SA at TJM or Marshall's may not realize it and it goes back on the racks...
  11. yeah i saw coach bags in the tjmaxx stores in my area too~! no idea how they got them though. so far all the ones that i saw are real, i think so anyways.
  12. Oh, I think I need to go to TJMaxx!
  13. I went today and they had that pink optic chenille demi with chain strap for $100. It was in bad condition though. They also a tan suede demi that had factory tags on it fro $100. I thought that was a little weird. Lastly, they had a larger lilac satin flap. It was pretty cute but had a couple spots on it and they still wanted $160 for it.

    By the time they get there they have usually been through the ringer.
  14. At the Marshalls near my house (same company), they had two Hamptons totes froma few seasons ago with the pom-poms: a small lilac one ($135) and a large black one ($150-ish). Also had a black Hamptons hobo (forgot price). They had two dusty rose suede flap swingpacks with a buckle on the front (can't remember exact name). Also had a bunch of pink/purple/rose houndstooth purses in varying shapes and prices. Saw a white satin Hamptons wallet I was drooling over. Every now and then they also have a bucket hat or two, but those are mostly in S/M and I have a HUGE head. About 6 months back they had 4 or 5 different kinds of shoes (mostly sneakers).

    The TJMaxx by my other house almost never has stuff. Before they moved to their present, new location they had two or three ski hobos, black and white. Oooooooh, how I longed for those. I kept going back and trying it on, but I couldn't afford them.
  15. Definitely real but you may encounter fakes when people return something.