TJ Maxx

  1. Has anyone ever found any Tokidoki at a TJ Maxx? About 2 months ago I found an OP Stellina with qee for $50! Of course I bought it but I have been stalking all the TJ Maxx's in my area since and have never seen any more. Was this just a fluke and/or sign from above to keep collecting? LOL! :tup:
  2. yup, people have had luck with tj maxx. there's quite a few posts about it, actually. I'm surprised you found a bag with qee, though. That rocks.
  3. i have never been to tj maxx before but if they sell toki i am definitely going to check it out. neither my macys or Nordstrom sells tokidoki anymore
  4. I'm a TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshalls/Nordstrom Rack stalker too, but no Toki luck so far...

  5. No Toki in our TJ Maxx either. But it's almost impossible to find Toki in Ohio anyway.
  6. i've checked a few times at two locations here in Houston, but no luck. just harajuku lovers :sad:
  7. OMG - awesome ! I gotta check it out when I'm next in the states, I didn't know this !
  8. I have heard about some lucky finds at TJ Maxx, but I have never lucked out in Los Angeles area.