TJ Maxx trip

  1. I went to TJMaxx today, in search of a fall bag to tide me over to the holidays, and ended up not finding anything I liked. I did see the mint suede pleated Coach for $219. It was really pretty but I was concerned about the cleaning. How are the light suedes as far as cleaning?
    suede green.jpg
  2. That is a really pretty bag. I think there was a thread a while back about cleaning suede.
  3. Oh wow! That's pricey at the Maxx. At my outlet it was super cheap. Anyway, about the suede... I'm not really a fan of ANY suede at all. One of my bag's bottoms is ruined. The dark pink suede is now a lovely shade of black. I had it for about a month before it was nasty. I tried to clean it time and time again with no luck. If you're careful where you set your bag and stuff, it's all good, but if you go out and about and having a clean place to put your bag isn't a for sure thing... I'd stay away... personally.
  4. I have noticed that the prices at the tjmaxx I go to are pretty high compared to the outlets. They had a lilac hamptons sateen hobo small for $119 and at the outlets those were marked down to $60.
  5. That's because the bags TJMaxx gets aren't from the outlets but straight from like the department stores. Department store prices are never as good as the outlets so prices at TJMaxx won't be as good as the outlets either.
  6. Gorgeous bag! Suede is difficult to clean. You can get the spray though and that will help!