TJ Maxx someone help!

  1. i so desperately want to expand my collection, but due to weather i dont' think i'm going to make it to the coach outlet this week!

    my roommate decided that i could spend 200 dollars this month on purses/purse related objects. He is the Will to my Grace, so we budget together! isn't he fab!

    i spent an hour in TJ maxx looking at things yesterday, sadly the only place to carry anything pursey i'd use... and found a few great things. i'd be willing to love for life. the question IS:

    2 Dooney and Bourke purses from TJMaxx (that i like!)


    Wait till i can get to a more reputable place to buy them!

    i figure that TJMaxx has GOT to be one of the cheapest places to buy a Dooney... would anyone advise against purchasing from a store such as this??? please HELP!
  2. If you find a cute Dooney from TJ Maxx, go for it! Sometimes they have a limited selection, but TJ Maxx carries some nice stuff.
  3. oh ya baby!
    thanks for the encouragement!

    me and my Gayman are gonna go DOONEY HUNTING TODAY!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. I've found some great bags at TJ Maxx! I've also never questioned the authenticity of what I've found, thought I do inspect the leather carefully as I've seen some bags being sold because they were dinged up.
  5. the bags i looked at yesterday were from a "famous department store closeout" they were SO HOT! i'm psyched now! lol...

    thank you for such quick feedback guys, you saved my brain!

    :heart: i love this place:heart:
  6. TJMaxx and Marshall's are great palces to find mid-range bags that might be a few seasons old, but who cares???? Plus, I can't imagine getting burned with a fake there. Sometimes, they even put out what I call "feeler" bags just to see how a particular item might sell. Just the other week or so, I found a great Kenneth Cole New York Pied Piping bag for a measly $79.00 that was selling at their outlet store for $199. Originally $398. So, I would definitely go for it!
  7. My TJMaxx is full of BEAUTIFUL all-weather-leather bags from Dooney. I'll probably hop over sometime and get one.
  8. thanks for the encouragement ladies, this is what i got!

    $157 and change... did i do okay?

    i LOVE it!

    watcha think ???
  9. That is GORGEOUS! Congrats - and what a deal you got!
  10. Great Bag!!!
  11. dude! my friend called while i was shopping for it and told me i could "never afford" a Dooney! the NERVE!

    THEN, after i got home, she instant messaged me to tell me that since i bought it at TJMaxx, it was "a pretty expensive fake"!


    so if it's fake why do i have the registration card for the purse, and why am i sending it in?

    why is it so lovely and perfect!?

    heh, she must be JEALOUS!

    :tender: *hugs new pursie* :tender:

    thanks for the compliments, you guys are awsome!

  12. TJMaxx does not sell fakes! Don't let your friend rain on your parade. I love TJMaxx! I have also gotten some great deals there!

    I love your new bag! Congrats!!
  13. Lovely-looking bag, congrats!
  14. i:heart: tpf

    and all it'z memberzzz

    :tender: pursies :tender:
  15. to me.. it doesn't really matter how "high end" a store is... if they sell the bag you want, and it's a good price, and you know it's not a fake.... go for it.

    I have bought many bags from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Sometimes you can find very good deals on cute bags! :yes: