TJ Maxx Score!

  1. Finally - FINALLY - I found something toki at TJ Maxx. An Original Black Denaro for $24! I almost bid on one on eBay this week, thank goodness I didn't, it was at $49!

    It was the only toki item they had. When I saw it I was literaly jumping up and down!
  2. ooooh ur so lucky!!! i went to like 3 tjmaxxes and NOTHING
  3. lucky! congratz!
  4. Nice!!! 24 bucks is awesome!
  5. Wow what a great deal. im going to have to check out TJmax soon
  6. congrats, dreamsoftoki! i found two at ours on sunday!! i found one and thought i looked over the wallet section really well, but for some reason i checked again, and i found another!!! i couldn't believe it!
  7. Wohoo! Rock on girl! Always love it when fellow tokilovers score a great deal!
  8. hoot: which one did you go to?
    congrats dreamsoftoki.
  9. Aw man!! I seriously want an OP or black OP denaro for my bella bella!! If I don't find one, I may end up returning the bag... Blah.
  10. ooo, cool!!! :biggrin:!!! congrats on your find, that's awesome!
  11. nice! i never find anything minus harajuku lover bags!
  12. TJ MAxx in Colorado Springs ... which just proves they can show up *anywhere*!!
  13. *camps outside of her local tjmaxx*
  14. omg what a deal!!!

    ok... if ANYONE ELSE finds one... PLEASE BUY IT FOR ME!!!! I'll pay you back!!!!!!
  15. LUCKY! I went to 5 TJ Maxx and 5 Ross stores and nada for me :sad: