TJ Maxx score! NJ TJ's

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  1. For the NJ Coachies, the one on Route 9 in Manalapan is like 10 minutes from my house, but I really only go there when someone here posts about a Coach event there! Anyway, they actually had some things - black leather Leighs for $399, black 07 Legacy shoulder bags for $249, and I guess they were some sort of small Soho hobo in black, british tan and buckskin/camel for $179. I carried around the british tan and buckskin one the entire time, but really I dont need them and they are rather small, so I was proud that I showed restraint. There was a little man with a shopping cart FULL of Coach, MK, Dooney, etc - I almost went up and said "um Ebay much?" but I didnt!!! Then I went by the sunglasses and they were a MESS - all over the place and the lady working there was trying to put them back nicely and she was saying how disgusted she was at how people just throw things. I saw a pair of black Coach ones laying lens down and said "Yea, look at these Coach ones just thrown here" and she said "ooh someone put a real nice pair in the back - hold on" and she came out with beautiful tortoise shell ones with C's and a snaphead on the side! She handed them to me, I put them and and said "sold!!!!" Woo hoo 59.99. I can now leave my other more expensive Coach sunglasses home and take these on vacation! Soooo excited! They are the ones in the first two pictures, then a comparison w/my current ones w/the flowers on the sides.

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  2. I want to go check the one on Manahawkin now.
  3. LOVE them, congrats! I can never find any Coach sunglasses at my TJ Maxx :sad:
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    i'm so jealous! everyone is scoring great coach sunnies at tj's and i don't have one around me...congrats!! they look lovely!
  5. Those are the same coach sunglasses I bought yesterday at TJ Maxx but mine are all black. I love mine but DH said they aren't worth $60. I still love them. Your tortoise ones are very pretty, too. I also love your flower ones.
    My TJ Maxx didn't have leighs or shoulder bags, just the small bleeker hobos.
    Hey, did you get a case with your sunnies, Donna? I didn't. :sad:
  6. Those sunnies are awesome. I love them. I want a pair of tortoise sunnies from coach sooooo badly. Enjoy.

  7. Hiya. No I didnt. I actually went back and found the nice lady who got me the glasses - I figured if they had them, she would be the one to give them to me, but they didnt have any cases. I'm actually looking on ebay right now!!! Oh, and tell your DH they are definitely worth $60 - my original pair, which are just a little nicer than these, were like $170ish, so 59.99 is a great deal!
  8. Cute! Are those the Loris? I think I have the same ones in black! What a great find!
  9. The outlet farthest from me in Primm, NV will give a case for free if you show them your sunnies but it's too far for me to drive just for a case. The TJ Maxx lady told me that three months ago a box of Coach clamshell hard cases came in to their store and they were selling for $2.99 apiece! Man, had I known that I would have bought the whole box and *bay'd them all and I would be rich! lol
  10. I was wondering the name. I dont think the tag says anything. I have to go check - thanks!!

  11. AAHH! 2.99!!!??? Im having a hard time finding one for under $25.00 plus shipping!!! I really need a case though - it drives me crazy to take them off and just put them in my bag.
  12. I want a case, too and it's gotta be a Coach case. lol I am a basket case. :P Yes, these glasses are the Lori kind. So cute! Not too big or too small for my face. Perfect! I went out and bought some new contacts yesterday just so I can wear my new sunnies.
  13. Yes me too - have to have a Coach case for each pair - no sharing cases allowed!! My others are a TAD bigger, but these are fine too, and nice and dark, so the "I have no eye makeup on" days are covered!!
  14. If the tag doesn't say, try looking on the inside of one of the temples and it should say Coach, the name, and the style number in tiny writing. :tup:

    I totally agree - just oversized enough to look cute and make be feel like a movie star when I run out and do errands. Perfect size.
  15. Awesome buys! I need a case for mine too.