TJ Maxx Runway?

  1. Wow ladies, you all have just made me schedule a day off of work this week to go to the Gillette TJ maxx. Hopefully, they will have some of those good items left that all of you have posted. Especially the Michele watch.
  2. what else is over there? a lot? I am soooo there!!!
  3. Don't get overly excited! I've been half a dozen times and have only purchased one item. The runway section is very small, it's not like walking into a last call or century 21.
  4. Century 21 is coming to the Lincoln center area in May. Can't wait!!!!
  5. Lol....thanks! I have two little ones and live about 45 min away....hopefully, when i do make the trip it'll be worth while....
  6. I was at the TJMaxx Runway store in Countryside, Illinois on Tuesday night
    They didn't seem to have much that I was interested in, but they had a Navy Blue Fendi bag (Flap style) for $999 - I don't know the style name or what the original price was (no original tags). It wasn't in the handbag dept, but in the actual Runway dept on top of one of the displays

    They had a Stella McCartney Black Dress for $399
    Lots of See by Chloe, lots of Vince
    Some Elizabeth & James, Rag & Bone, Halston Heritage, Ella Moss, Theory, Tahari and a bunch of designers I've never heard of

    As for non-designer/runway bags, they had a Michael Michael Kors Astor Satchel in Vanilla that was in great shape for $179.99
  7. I was just in the TJ Maxx Gillette and picked up the Fendi Peekaboo in Felt for $479!!!! I looked through the Runway section looking for the bags I had seen two weeks before (goyard, fendi, MJ, prada, gucci). Nothing. I did my quick run through the bag section and my stunned eyes spied the Peekaboo on the clearance rack! It had been marked down twice!
  8. If you're in North Jersey there's a Runway in Paramus (Fashion Center, I think) and one in Edgewater.
  9. I live nearby and a big sign just went up that said "fall 2011"... I'm so bummed.
  10. That's an amazing find! I only saw a few designer bags at the NYC stores once, when I found my Celine, but never again.
  11. Good for you Slingirl. That TJ Maxx always have something great in it whenever I go. You just have to take your time and look very carefully.
  12. Nice find! You saw a Goyard at TJ Maxx? That doesn't sound right... That would be like finding a Louis Vuitton at TJ Maxx...

    I found a cute See by Chloe skirt... Black w/taupe bows. But haven't spotted anything cute since :sad:
  13. Ack! I didn't meant to say Goyard!! That would be *IMPOSSIBLE*!!! Sorry my thinking and typing go faster than my reading! Clearly have I bags on the brain.

    Was just there on Thursday and there were a few amazing finds on the clearance racks. A BEAUTIFUL Versace dress for $119 orig $1000. If only i was an XS. You really need to look through everything to find the finds!
  14. oh, i think i saw that dress there too!! Was it the white grecian-like one?? It got marked down again to $89!
  15. stopped by the TJ Maxx in Countryside yesterday and found some amazing deals.. they had a black givenchy pandora for $1299.99, ysl, chloe, bottega bags ranging in price from $799 to $1799

    nothing really spectacular in the shoe dept (only found suede michael kors flats for $20) celine blazer marked down to $169( from $759!!) and a lot of helmut lang denim on clearance (bought a pair for $25!!) .. also a lot of theyskens theory and vince marked down as well
    bottega.JPG celine.JPG chlore.JPG givenchy.JPG pandora.JPG ysl.JPG