TJ Maxx Runway?

  1. Sorry if this has been answered before, but HOW do I find out where the nearest TJ Maxx Runway store is? I'd love to go but I can't find the info on their website. I live near Boston and I'd love to know if there is a runway store in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Connecticut (all places that I go regularly...)
  2. nevermind, just found my old post with this same question. I *knew* I'd asked it before, sorry!
  3. What is the runway store??? Never heard of it, Living in the midwest I can just forget about it anyway ):
  4. We have one in Minnesota and seriously, it's not all that. There are lots of designer jeans and maybe a few odd pieces here or there from collections that are several years old. I have found the items to be real oddballs and also shopworn. Sometimes there will be a good piece of Vince or Dolce, but rarely any purses or shoes. Frankly, it's more fun to hunt for treasure in the home department.
  5. There's one in Downtown Crossing in Boston and I honestly don't think it's that great. They do seem to have a decent amount of denim (SFAMK, Chip & Pepper, some TR's and random others) but apart from the SFAMK some of the styles looked 'off' either seconds or samples or just not appealing. They did have good sunglasses a couple of weeks ago but now they're really picked over. I definitely wouldn't plan a special trip into the city just to go there.
  6. Thanks for the heads up... I guess it always looks better when you just hear about it and don't get to go! Sometimes I find great stuff in the regular TJ Maxx, anyway... got a pair of Roberto Cavalli sunglasses WITH the beautiful hard case the other day for only $29. They had lots of them, too, perhaps I should've bought TWO they were so nice!
  7. i wish there is a TJ maxx near san francisco.
  8. If you go to the TJM website, you can search for the Runway locations.
  9. I was just at the TJ Maxx by Park st. no sunglasses, a few SFAMK jeans, some D & G and the usual selection of purses... however, the Marshal's next door had way more sun glasses including Kate Spade for 50, and Juicy for 29.
  10. The few stores with Runway sections that I've been to aren't that great. I was actually quite disappointed. I've found better items at stores without Runway sections. Although, I am wary about the authenticity of some items. I found two pairs of Hudson jeans at different TJ Maxx's and neither of them had flap pockets on the back. I've seen ones with flaps and without flaps at TJ Maxx. And if I'm not mistaken, aren't flap pockets Hudson's signature?
  11. I think the TJMaxx in Natick is a runway store (they always have a separate selection of designer clothing)...
  12. I have never seen ANYTHING good at TJ Maxx; some random American Eagle/Abercrombie items, but they have such low original price points that it isn't worth it to purchase second hand-ish.
    I always hear stories of people snagging great shoes/bags/clothes/sunglasses there, but I have never seen anything good besides Kitson private label ugly shoes and some really small Moschino gloves.
    I did find a betseyville duffle at Marshalls once, but it was hidious.
  13. vhsethan, where do you live? I live in NH/Boston area and I always find great stuff! Coach and Dolce & Gabanna shoes ($25!), Roberto Cavalli sunglasses ($29), Kate Spade bag ($29--That was the best!)...
  14. There is one in framingham that I have found some great stuff at. I have also found
    great stuff at the marshalls on boylston. The marshalls in newton used to be great
    now it has crap. ( I am still upset about that) thats why I had to mention it!
  15. In the past, I've actually found some amzing things at the one on Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills, MI - a GORGEOUS 40s style YSL Rive Gauche tweed peplum blazer for like $180, fully lined Marc Jacobs (not MbyMJ) trousers for about the same, pretty Malandrino blouses for ~$40, a cute chartreuse Valentino jacket. Usually there'd be just one piece if it was something good, though, so sizes were hit or miss - there seemed to be more larger sizes (i.e. 10-12). Also seen quite a few Prada pieces but they did look "left over", off season, and still over-priced (soiled, semi-transparent white nylon pleated skirts for $200 in the dead of winter).

    The jeans looked pretty slim pickings to me - tried on a bunch, and soon found out why they were there in the 1st place. And besides the gems I listed, there was definitely alot of crap, I wasn't sure exactly why some of it had been designated "runway" when it looked like the dregs of Macys juniors clearance rack.

    But there are definitely finds to be found, and if I lived closer, I would be there ALL THE TIME!