TJ Maxx Runway?

  1. So I was on that other post and everyone was talking about the TJ Maxx "runway" thing... I love my TJ's but how do I find out where there's one with a "runway" section? It sounds like the stores with "runway" have the best selection and stuff... I couldn't find it on their website.

    Thanks for your help, ladies... I live in the Boston area and I frequently go to CT and up to NH and even to western MA... any good suggestions for around there would be awesome.
  2. When you go on the website, look it up by state. It will list all the stores, and it will tell you which ones are Runway. You can't do just a Runway lookup, even though that would be terribly convenient.
  3. I have been wondering about this too, and it seems that there just aren't any runway TJs where I live. I actually searched most of California and found only 1 and it was in some totally random place I'd never heard of, lol. I guess that's why my TJs suck so bad. It's like shopping at JC Penny, only worse.
  4. Just go to and do a search for stores by putting in your zipcode. It will give you a list of all the regional stores and note which ones are Runway stores. In the Boston area there are Runway stores in Downtown Crossing, Cambridge, Framingham, Bedford, Subury, and Norwell.