TJ Maxx return policy

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  1. Bought DH 4 pairs of cargo shorts on 3-9-08. DH decides today that he doesn't like them, and to please return the two pairs with tags on. Is it too late to do a return with receipt, as it is a few days over their 30 day return policy?
  2. IDK but I'd call. My gut tells me they won't take it BC TJ Maxx is usually pretty determined to get rid of there merch.
  3. If it's past 30 days you can get store credit only at the current selling price.
  4. I know this well....

    If you have the receipt and it's after the 30 days, you will be issued a store credit for the amount you paid for the item.

    If you do not have the receipt you will be issued a store credit at the current selling price.

    Bottom those receipts! LOL