tj maxx question

  1. Does anyone know what bags that they have there generally? Like would they have the signature duffles or keychains? And how much of a price difference is the outlet versus @ tj maxx?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I've never seen any Coach there :sad: I must go to the "bad" stores.
  3. awww :weird:
  4. I've never seen signature items at a discount store, but that may just be the area I live in. Additionally, the sig duffle is a current style, so I wouldn't think it would be in the outlets yet. The Coach I see at places like that is few and far between, and prices are usually comparable to outlets. I'd rather shop the outlet where the items are kept nicer and don't seem to be as shop-worn.
  5. On the rare occasions I've seen it its usually 1-2 years old....most department stores hang onto stuff for a while and try to sell it at reduced prices before they get rid of it (thats why you commonly see on the sale rack at the dept store stuff that coach pulled weeks and weeks before).
  6. I don't know that I've ever seen any bags at my the TJs in my area, however the Marshallls that I go to typically have bags that are at least a calendar year old.
  7. our tjmaxx pretty much only has signature stuff...and i still think it's too much for it...i'd rather go to the outlet.

  8. i agree i rather go to a coach outlet because the bags are in better condition and at tj maxx the bags hang on the rack for anybody to touch
  9. I was at TJ's today. They had the white hobo with rabbit fur around the top. It was $179. A small gold and small black hobo (the satin material) for $119. And the pink chenile bag with chain straps for $129. The chenile bag looked like it had been around awhile.
  10. I saw a purple sateen Coach hobo at tjmax today for $119. Those bags were at the outlet last month for $60. I also saw this optic pink demi that looked kind of beat up and that was still about $100. (I also wasn't convinced that the demi was authentic) Did coach have a fabric pink optic with a chain purse strap? I don't remember seeing that before.
  11. I have never seen a Coach at my local TJMAXX...usually Dooney, maybe a Marc Jacobs (lower end line) and of course low line XOXO and Guess
  12. I usually only see Coach wallets at TJMaxx... and they're always beat up.

    My mom was in TJM yesterday and said they had gorgeous Ellen Tracy bags with retails of over $300 for about $65. They also had Marino Orlandi!

    She described the Ellen Tracy and I begged her to go back and get it for me! I hope it's still there today and it wasn't all stomped on. She said they were just putting them out as she was there.